Monday, 31 October 2011

Living Dead Doll: Desmodus

Hello goddesses!
I really lost track of dates. It always happen to me, GRRRR!
It's the last day of October and I still have 2 more LDD to feature. :(

I thought I can feature them on or before November 1. 

Anyway, today I'm featuring Desmodus.

Desmodus is from Series 21, same with Absynth. I really like Desmodus because he is my "unico hijo". Lolz! How can I say this, uhm.. oh, "He's the only thorn among the roses". :))

Let's take a closer look:

I love his casket's design. I like the color. This is for the 13th anniversary of LDD. I didn't mention this to my past posts, at the bottom of the casket it says that LDD is for children 15 and above. LOLZ! 
I'm a child :)) haha. Anyway, I saw some kid on youtube that have these dolls.

I think his chipboard is bad as* hehe. It's so gothic. The skull design is simple, which I definitely prefer. As you can see, it has wings too because his series is called, "Things with Wings".

Death Certificate
A broken bat came whirling and lodged in his neck
 As player screamed in vain, "Kid hit the deck!" 
But somehow Desmodus just wouldn't die Instead he grew fangs, 
and wings and found he could fly!

That must've hurt! He died on August 16, 1948.

Desmodus is wearing this really cute baseball unifom. It's an over-all, if that's how others call it. I like the color combination of red and black. So devilish!!!

Trivia:   The symbol on Desmodus' chest and baseball cap is not just "The living dead dolls symbol" It is in fact the Satanic Cross. It is the alchemical symbol for sulfur to represent Fire and Brimstone.

Special Features
Face: Desmodus face really scares me. Specially his eyes, oh no. He looks like he's gonna bite you. Oh those piercing eyes!!! I like his mouth. I think it is perfectly shaped. Her fangs are "in the correct position". it makes me laugh whenever I saw some peeps that put their fangs on their lateral incisors. Hahahahahahahaha! It should be on the canine teeth!

Ears: Isn't it big? his ears are elf-like. BTW, I forgot to mention that Absynth's ear are like this too.

Wings: I'm in love with his wings! Again, it's bad as*! It is attached to his back and not to his outfit. I like that the  wings are translucent red. It has the effect of real bat wings. :)

Too bad that Desmodus has only one accessory. Hmmm, but it's better than nothing. 

More Pictures!

I hope you won't get tired of my doll posts. I'm almost done. There are two more dolls to be posted.

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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Living Dead Doll: Savannah

Hello again goddesses! 
Do you remember the Living Dead Doll (Savannah) Nail Art that did? I used Savannah as the inspiration. But today, were gonna learn more about her.

Savannah is actually my very first Living Dead Doll. I really love her even though she's not that scary. I just wish shes more scarier. I didn't know anything about LDD before, but the first time I saw them on the toy store, I immediately went online to research about it. I think LDD are very expensive but my hubby bought it for me anyway. Yes, I'm spoiled! :))

Its 2,100 PHP or 49.27 USD

Now, lets take a closer look at Savannah..

Sorry for the bad quality of the photo. I took this 5 mins ago and it's so dark inside the house. :( Anyway, this is the first time I'm gonna show you how the casket looks like with cover. The casket is really elegant and pretty.

The chipboard design looks like Savannah's face paint. Savannah is from Series 20: Day of the Dead inspired by Mexico's Dia del Muertes celebrated every 1st of November.

Death Certificate
Savannah was strangled On the day of the dead "It was a jealous boyfriend." 
Someone once had said. 
But the strangler was a ghost Never to be found
 And Savannah still lies silent 
Deep beneath the ground.

Savannah died on November 1, 1983

Face & Hair
Face: People that celebrates Dios de la Muertes are painting their faces as a part of their practice on celebrating this day. I really like to try this on my face but I know it won't look good on me.. 
Hair: Her hair is so long! The length is down to her bum. She's a ginger too!

Her outfit is kinda old fashion to me.. She has a black drape on her. BTW, the dress is off-shoulder. I wasn't able to take a picture of that coz I'm too lazy. I love the design of this dress! That's why one of the fingers on my LDD nail art is inspired by this dress. :))

More Pictures!!!

I hope you like my doll.

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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Living Dead Doll: Absynth

Hi goddesses!
Today is a very special day because as I've promise, I'm going to show you my Living dead Doll Collections one-by-one 'til Halloween.
On today's post I'm going to introduce you to 

This is Absynth she's a fairy.
Let's take a close look..

She's from Series 21. Her casket has black layer inside. The casket is solid black with a little detailing and designs at the back.

I like the chipboard's design. It's cute because it's green, my fave color! Anyway, it says on her chipboard that she's a fairy. Unlike other dolls that are humans who died.

Death Certificate
:-/ I didn't know that fairies are mortals. Anyway, she died on May 4, 1876 and she was killed by a wizard. She was buried at the forest.

Her outfit is cute. She has this long blouse with a hoodie. The fabric is kinda like a felt paper. It was intended to use this kind of fabric so that the velcro from the wings will stick to her back.

The Wings
This is the wings. It's color green on the sides and translucent in the middle. As you can see, theres a velcro sewn at the middle of the wing. That thing will help the wings to stick on to her back.

Her skin is like bluish green and she has patches all over her face and body too. This doll was a lot of art work.

More Pictures!!!

I hope you like it as much as I do.

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Thank you!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Living Dead Doll: Gabriella The Ghoul

Hello goddesses!
Halloween is fast approaching! This blog post is not beauty related, whatsoever. I know I can make a Halloween make up/ nail art, but for now I would like to share to you my Living Dead Dolls Collection for the next following days before Halloween.

Gabriella The Ghoul
Let's take a closer look at Gabriella's

I'm sorry for the picture. It won't stand. :(
All Living Dead Dolls packaging is really creepy. As you can see, my doll is inside a casket.

The chipboard poem says that Gabriella was eaten by "zombies" that's why she became one of them.

Death Certificate
Yup! She and other LDD comes with a Death Certificate to make it appear scarier! Anyway,it says there that she died on November 23, 1933. 

Tricks and treats on Halloween night
Are guaranteed to stir up a fright
But when Gabriella knocks
It's best to not undo your locks
Or you will end up with a bite

The poem is written on her Death Certificate.

The Ghoul Mask
Her mask is glow in the dark. I'm sorry 'coz my camera had a hard time capturing the perfect glow of this mask. Grrrrrrrr! 

It kinda sucks because her outfit is not that fabulous like the others. Also, it says on the chipboard that she dressed up like Cinderella but she isn't. This outfit looks like a scrub suit to me. It also looks like an outfit of a mortician. 

The Pumpkin Basket
Hehe. This is really cute! It's as small as a jack n' stone ball.  I really like how this little basket is made. It's so cool. The details are awesome too. <3 <3 <3

The Face
O.O Scary huh? Look at that stare! Ooooh, isn't it uncanny? She really gives me the creeps. By the way, she kinda looks drained because she ran out of blood because some zombie/s bit her so bad. Eeew. I bet they just drank her blood but not necessarily ate her up.

She's green because as I've said, she doesn't have blood running through her veins..


I hope you got scared even just a little.

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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Baby Shower Nails By Request

Hello goddesses!
This is a quick post for my friend, Zhai. She requested this nail art for her Baby Shower. I asked my friends from  NailNation fun and Polish Talk if they could give me ideas about this nail art. I've never done any nail art for a certain family celebration lolz!

Anyway, some girls said that I should draw a feeding bottle, a stork, diapers so on and so forth. I love their idea, really... BUT, I think it will look to much cartoony. It might also take away the attention of the guest from the baby. So, I went for Irene Jung's (of colorsmitten) idea. She said I should use pastel colors.

I originally pick 3 colors but I'm going to post about it next  time.

Anyway, I want this nail art to be appropriate in both gender. I know that the mother will wear this but it should have something to do with her baby's gender, right? So I chose the shades of GREEN. This color is versatile that's why I love it. There was a year that this color became the new pink. It was in!

These are the products I used for this Nail Art:
LA Colors Art Deco (Silver), 24k (Snow White), San San ( Emerald Green, Sea Green)

If you don't like green, here's another color.

Products I used:

 I also used the image plate above too.

I hope you'll like it.

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Thank you!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Flu's Not An Excuse

Hello godesses!
I'm really sad because my hubby has a flu. I was up all night because I can't afford to sleep. I'm soooo worried about his condition. 

At 3am I was really tired already but I need not to sleep. So, I found a way to divert my sleepiness. I took my nail art tools and start doing my nails.

I used this plate that I bought from Phoebe's Merchandise. It's actually new but it has a lot of scratches because I've been practicing lately..

It's not that perfect yet but I will practice more..

I think it looks okay from a far. I hope people won't notice the flaws.

I would like to call this nail art "WHITE TIGER" because I used a white base coat and the prints are black. For sure others will think that it debatable whether this is a zebra or not. LOLZ!

TRIVIA: Zebras are black with white stripes!
Got to go.

Sorry for this very short post. I need to get back on taking care of my hubby. I hope he'll get well soon.

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