Saturday, 29 October 2011

Living Dead Doll: Absynth

Hi goddesses!
Today is a very special day because as I've promise, I'm going to show you my Living dead Doll Collections one-by-one 'til Halloween.
On today's post I'm going to introduce you to 

This is Absynth she's a fairy.
Let's take a close look..

She's from Series 21. Her casket has black layer inside. The casket is solid black with a little detailing and designs at the back.

I like the chipboard's design. It's cute because it's green, my fave color! Anyway, it says on her chipboard that she's a fairy. Unlike other dolls that are humans who died.

Death Certificate
:-/ I didn't know that fairies are mortals. Anyway, she died on May 4, 1876 and she was killed by a wizard. She was buried at the forest.

Her outfit is cute. She has this long blouse with a hoodie. The fabric is kinda like a felt paper. It was intended to use this kind of fabric so that the velcro from the wings will stick to her back.

The Wings
This is the wings. It's color green on the sides and translucent in the middle. As you can see, theres a velcro sewn at the middle of the wing. That thing will help the wings to stick on to her back.

Her skin is like bluish green and she has patches all over her face and body too. This doll was a lot of art work.

More Pictures!!!

I hope you like it as much as I do.

 Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment..

Thank you!


  1. lol these are cute, i should get one for my 7 year old!

  2. oh those are so amazing. i was a dead girl for halloween last nights.... come to my blog & check out the pics! :_)

    p.s. i love halloween.

  3. @ CottonCandyINK - hehehe but LDD are for kids 15 and up.. :)

    @ stylemailbox - thanks!

  4. i like this better coz its less scary... its not that i'm scared of scary stuffs, i just don't like seeing them often... but i love watching horror movies...

  5. I love this! It looks like a scary fantasy! Crazzzyyy! =))

  6. @ myline cabitac - hehehe this one is pretty..

  7. @ SuShee - thanks sis! I bet you like the eye make up of this fairy..

  8. i really love it! hehe i love its eyes :D

  9. This one's not that scary. Plus I like it's wings. (^__^)

  10. @ Zarina - hi sis, hehehe yeh. isnt it the cutest?

  11. This doll is so cute!! I love her fairy wings! It looks like she has cat eyes! :D

  12. @ Kirshten - yeah i like her too. She has creepy eyes because she is meant to be a creepy doll. :)

  13. UMMM I think the outside picture is my friend's photo lol