Saturday, 1 October 2011

Very First Award

Welcome October!

Hello goddesses! I just got back from the mall and when I came home and turned my laptop on, I found out that makeuplovers has awarded me this:


This is called "Tell Me About Yourself Award". Again, I would like to thank addicted-2-make-up for this wonderful award that she has given me. I'm very grateful for this. Please visit her amazing blog at

The Mission

~ Thank the person who awarded it to you and give the link of their blog.
~ Write 7 random facts about yourself.
~ Spread the love and award to 7 other bloggers.

Seven Random Facts About Me
1 My favorite color is GREEN.
2 I'm a Living Dead Dolls (and other toy) collector.
3 I'm obsessed with Jason Bateman, Tyra Banks and Mariah Carey.
4 I love ASIAN horror movies.
5 I can do 8 different voices.
6 Painting and sketching are my talent. 
7 I love singing on the KTV with my hubby.


I'm happy to give this award to the ff:


I love you!


  1. congratulations you so deserve it!

    have a great weekend!

  2. in response to your question, way to many to count, lol.
    ~ almost my whole back back is covered
    ~ an entire right sleeve
    ~ a couple on my left arm
    ~ both feet have small tattoos
    ~ back of my neck
    ~ both my hand have tattoos
    ~ both my ankles

    i think thats it, lol

  3. CottonCandyINK - Oh girl, I'm sooo proud of you! You have a very high tolerance on pain. Anyway, I really like to have a tattoo on my left and right wrist because of some reason. i just don't know what design yet. i don't wanna look up to google and find a desig coz I want it to be a personal tattoo. Like I don't like others to have same design as I will have.

    Gosh.. It's hard to think of a design.

  4. exactly! thats why i drew some of my tattoos myself and designed them as well. its not easy being a "girl girl" with a ton of tattoos, be prepared for people to judge and stare and some might even be rude. it takes a strong person to walk around with a lot of visible tattoos and not worry what other think. i got use to it! i would lie if i said it didn't hurt, but to be honest i enjoy that specific type of pain, its soothing to me. my longest session was 8 hours long with a few breaks for the artist not me, he was getting tired, lol!

  5. Hehe. Wow, you're so brave. Maybe you should have a tattoo saying "Pain is Pleasure".. Anyway, I agree with you. :( Girls having body ink is not yet accepted here in my country. Old people are cruel (specially the old women). They're very old fashion and bigots. They say stuff like "prostitutes" or "drug addicts" to the people who have tattoos. It's ironic that we call our country democratic; yet, we can't even express ourselves freely.. But I don't give a damn about other people will say.. i'll definitely get a tattoo.

  6. lol! yea i think i should move to LA where it more accepted, but naaaa I'm not going to change or hide for anyone! just learned to have a backbone, i even go to church every sunday! lol but people at my church never judge or look at me differently! people who stereotype simply for a persons appearance need to grow up and be more open minded. hello people its 2011!!! lol

  7. you're definitely right! i super agree.. oh my gosh. you're super cool! do you also have a body piercing? i have one on my tongue and on my belly.

  8. before i became a mommy, i had A LOT of piercings i had 3 rings in my tongue at once, 2 in my belly button, one in my nose, my lebret, my nipples... yup but one night i was drunk washing my face and my nose ring fell out and i couldn't put it back in, i was so frustrated that i took ALL my piercings out lol! stupid story i know.

  9. well, you can always put them back..except on the nipples (i guess?).. which is more painful? the piercing or the tats?

  10. nah I'm not into the whole piercing thing anymore, but i think their cool, just not for me. tattoos are more painful getting a small one is very tolerable it will not take long to get, the bigger the tattoo the longer it will take the more painful. piercings are quick and almost painless they hurt more in the healing process then actually getting it done.

  11. yeah.. it took me a week before my piercing healed completely and i just had to take anti-biotic to prevent it from having pus.

  12. Awww Thanks for passing the award to me!! You are so super nice! And you definitely deserve this award! Thanks again! :D

  13. Congratulation you deserve it !!! ♥

  14. Kirshten - hehehehe!

    addicted-2-make-up - thank u soo much.

  15. wow!!!! ang taray! ahahahhaa

    congrats sis!!!
    late and..
    i know you understand!!

    love yah!

  16. @ Khaye - of course I understand. it's not a biggy don't worry. :)