Sunday, 16 October 2011

Revlon Red

There are lots of women who loves RED. My mom is obsessed with this color too. She won't go out of the house without her luscious red lips. At first, I thought that RED was a very shocking color. It was too much for me.

When I got older, I started to like the color red. Based on what I read and watched, men are attracted to a woman that wears this color.

These are the Revlon products that my hubby bought for me:

Revlon Red Nail Polish (680)

This nail polish costs Php 225.00 or $ 5.14, yeah very pricey for a nail polish but never mind. As long as I'm happy!

It really has a nice deep red that suits any skin tone. Oh, I just love my nails! It's so fabulous!

Revlon Red Lipstick

I had a hard time looking for this product. As you can see, it costs Php 450.00 ($ 10.27). There are lot of shade and I couldn't find the right one for me. There are different shades of red that are suitable in different skin tones.

According to Michelle Phan warm red matches better on warm undertone and cool red matches better on cool undertone. How will you know if you have cool or warm undertone? Simple, you just have to do the wrist method. You have to be outdoors to test this. If the veins on your wrist are blue, you have a cooler undertone and if it's olive, you have a warmer undertone.

I have a warmer undertone so I used the red that has more orange undertone on it. This color will complement my skin and will give me a radiant glow, just like what Michelle told.


This post is dedicated to my beautiful mommy.
I miss you! See you on Christmas!


  1. Red is a beautiful color! I love the polish and the lipstick! Red lipstick looks great on you and your mommy.. :)

  2. love these colors! the brighter the better ;-)

    (to answer you question, my natural hair color is medium to dark brown)

  3. @ Kirshten - Thanks! Yeah.. I really looks great on my mom. It's her fave color! :-p

    @ CottonCandyINK - Yeah, I think so too. Brigh red is better than the darker shades. It kinda looks gothic.

  4. your choices in makeup are always perfect ,red is so pretty on u and so is the polish

  5. You look so Gorgeous!!!! Red looks beautiful on you :) It look amazing on your mom too!
    I love red polish and I love how other look in red lipstick but I'm still not brave enough to try it out lol

  6. you are so pretty *.*
    love red but i don't wear it too much :-(

  7. @ Etab - thank you.. *blushing

    @ Sabrina - Thanks. Does it have to be courageous to wear red lipstick? Come on, it will look good on you too.

  8. @ nail crazy - thanks. me too, i don't wear red lipstick all the time. :-)

  9. Lindo este esmalte vermelho, combinou perfeitamente com você.

  10. RED!!!!!

    its the color for fall and autumn this time ei!!!!
    even me and my friends rushed to our nearest and fave beauty store just to get that flaming REDDISH on our lips!!!!! eventhough the fact is... (hindi IN ditto ang kulay na yan sa leps..huhuhu WAPAKELS!) ahahahhaa

    Revlon Red Nail polish' my aunts fave nail color actually
    kaya napahagibas ako ditto!

    SUPER LIKE!!!!

  11. @ Khaye - hehe salamat. sana mag update ka din ng blog mo.. :)