Thursday, 30 June 2011

Pam's Pedicure

I don't like going to a salon for a pedicure. The equipments are being used by different people. Eww..
Anyway, this is how I do my pedicure. I'm not a pro but at least I'm sure that my equipments are clean and I'm the only one using it..

                                                                         STEP 1

I removed  my old nail polish gently. Some nail polish are very hard to remove because I put several application (base coat, 2 or more application of my desired nail color and top coat). Since the polish is thick, it's easier to peel it off without damaging my nails.

I used Hortaleza Professional Nail Polish Remover because it's gentle and it doesn't smell awful. It smells like strawberry. Anyway, exposing your nails with acetone regularly is very harmful. It can cause contact dermatitis. Some nail polish has very strong ingredient. That's why I peel my old nail polish so that I won't expose myself with too much acetone.


Using a q-tip with acetone, I removed the remaining polish at the sides of my toenails. 


I soaked my toenails with cuticle remover to soften them. I left it for 2-3 minutes. 

This is a really good trick because after this, it'll be easier for me to remove the dead skin on my nail plate and in-grown toe nails at my nail groove.


Instead of pushing the in-grown and excess skin of my nail towards my eponychium (which mostly do), I pulled it upward so that no in-grown will remain. 

Step 5

I put Benzalkonium Chloride to my nail groove to keep my nails sanitize. This will serve as an anti-septic and disinfectant. It also left pinkish tint to my nails.


I brushed my nails gently to spread the benzalkonium chloride..

All the products were spread evenly. Wow it's so clean!


I applied a colorless nail polish to protect my nail plate. It's up to you if you want to apply a color to your toenails but for me, I left it like this. I want my nails to have a timeout from nail art. He he he. 


I love it!!! 

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Life of an Onychophagic

When I was a kid I used to bite my nails on my fingers and even on my toes. I can still remember myself biting my fingers until it bleeds. There were times that I wasn't aware of it. My aunt caught me biting my toenails when I was like 6 years old and she told me, "Para ka'ng aswang d'yan!". I know it was really disgusting but I couldn't stop myself from doing it. I still bit even if there's nothing for me to bite anymore. There was one summer that I spent my vacation looking outside our window and watching my brother and our friends playing. I couldn't go out because my feet were swollen and my toenails fell off.

At school, I always consider myself as a commoner. I had a low self-esteem. My school made me feel like crap. No matter how much I study, it seems like I'm always at the bottom of everything. I was very quiet and most of the time I was alone. My classmates were mean to me. I will never forgive and forget what they did to me in freshmen year. My teacher, Ms Pernia picked on me every single day of my life. She made me feel so stupid. I'm not a genius but neither an imbecile. I can't answer her questions even if I know the answers because she intimidates me and because of what she was doing to me,  my classmates started treating me so bad. They bullied me. I was an easy target. I can't fight them. So I cried and bit my nails.

I experienced so much stress when I was younger. I was emotionally battered. I felt so alone. I did not tell my mom what was happening at school. I never wanted her to worry about me. Even if I didn't tell her, my mom would always ask me if there's anything wrong. She would ask me if I was tense or depressed because I was biting my nails. My dad died early, I couldn't accept that. I never told anyone about it. When I was 6, my classmate and also my neighbor told the other kids about my dad. They asked if it was true. So I told them that my dad died. I don't like the way they looked at me after I answered their question.Of course, there were follow-up questions.  It was too much for me. I felt like I was crying. I felt sorry for myself and I was so angry at the same time because I wasn't able to tell those kids to leave me alone and mind their own businesses. 

I really felt so pathetic. I couldn't stop thinking about what those kids did to me. I felt depressed. Those emotions lead me to nail biting. It is called "Chronic Onychophagia". An impulse control disorder caused by uneasiness, apprehension and fear. This Impulsive Disorder is also considered to be a part of OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). Nail biting is also harmful to health because of the bacteria a person might get from doing it. My nails were swollen because of a viral infection I got from improperly removing my cuticle. I had fever and my fingers were so painful. They turned yellow green because of pus. 

What we did about my nail biting was very simple yet a bit expensive. My mom brought  me to nail salon and had my fingers molded with acrylic nails. The attendant was surprised when she saw how little  my nails were. She said my hands were like no nails at all just like Sadako's. Anyway, I really liked the way they did my acrylic nails. My mom was very successful with her idea of showing me how pretty my nails would be if they are long, clean and well manicured. From that moment on, I started taking care of my nails and I don't bite them anymore.

To all the kids like I used to be, please don't let yourself down because it will lead you to more serious problems. Don't be scared to stand up for yourself. Don't let anyone intimidate you. Even your teachers or any older people has no right to make you feel bad. Remember, there's nothing wrong with you. It's just that some people are mean but don't let anyone pick on you. You should be treated way better than that.

Talk to your parents if you experience bullying. Your parents will definitely help you with your problem. You're not alone with this. If your teachers are abusing you emotionally and they embarrass you in front of the class with or without any reasons, you can sue them. 

Be brave.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Dramatic Blue Eye Make Up

I really love blue! My mom use to put this on her eyes and I told her how pretty she was with blue eye shadow. I really like her look 'coz it's really good for parties or night outs. I'm going to make my own version of that look inspired by my mom with a twist of "ulzzang".

All you need are the following:

Brown eye brow pencil, black pencil and liquid eye liner, glittery eye shadow (white, black & blue), false lashes w/ glue, eye lash curler and mascara.

Let's start.

Always start with a clean face. Be sure that you exfoliate and moisturize first. Let your skin absorb the products before you start your make up. Don't forget to use eye primer too.

Raise your eyebrow. Using the brown pencil, trace your eyebrow to achieve its natural shape. Don't over do it.

Start lining your lid from the middle to the outer edge, then from the inner edge connecting to the middle. You may want to draw a wing to create a cat eye for ulzzang look.

Apply the glittery white eye shadow thoughtfully to your lids and crease.

Using your glittery black eye shadow, apply it on the outer edge of the crease towards the inner edge. This effect will give more depth to your eyes.

This is how it's going to look like.

Retouch the line that you made on your lid and apply eyeliner to the lower part of your eye. It's up to you if you want a half line or you want to draw all the way from your tear duct. I recommend using pencil at this part because liquid eye liner might irritate your eye balls.

Use liquid eye liner to trace the line that you made. Liquid liner has longevity unlike the pencil. We only used pencil so that it will be easier to apply liquid liner. I really love using liquid liner because of its effect. It's good for "ulzzang" look.

Apply the false lash glue evenly. Don't put too much because it will be harder for you to attach the lashes on your lids.

Remember, the closer it is to your lashes, the more it will look natural. Curl your lashes and then apply mascara so that your natural lashes and the fake ones will go together.

Using your angled brush, apply the glittery blue eye shadow thickly under your eyes. This will make you look more glamorous.

Now it's finish. You can now enjoy your Dramatic Blue Eye Make Up with a twist of Ulzzang.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

My Garnier Beauty Products

Garnier New Brightening Clear Oil Control Scrub

After I went out, I always wash my face immediately with Garnier Brightening Oil Control Scrub to remove my makeup and the dirt from the pollution outside. I don’t want cosmetics to stay on my face for more than 5 hours. I wash my face and do my make up again. My skin is very oily especially my nose. So when my face gets oily, my makeup becomes cakey. It felt eeky too. It’s so gross. It’s like I have cooking oil on my face. Garnier Brightening Oil Control Scrub is my favorite. It’s true when it says that it controls oil. My skin feels so refresh after I was my face with it. Unlike other brands, skin gets oily even after you wash it. I also use this at night before I retire. Washing my face with this product is the first step of my beauty regimen.

Garnier Pore Tightening Astringent with Mineral Zinc

Washing my face with my favorite facial scrub is not enough. I see dirt on cotton pads even after I washed my face. So this pore tightening astringent really helps on making my skin tidy. It removes stubborn dirt and make up on my skin. Although I’m not sure if it’s the right astringent for me because it says that it is not suitable for dry and sensitive skin. I have sensitive skin. So it can be another factor why I still have breakouts. It also says that it can dry imperfection and I’m not sure about that either. Maybe it’s the wrong astringent for me. Anyhow, I still like the way it cleanses my face. I love the smell too. It doesn’t make me sneeze. The only thing I don’t like about this product is that my face is shiny right after I apply it.

Garnier Light Whiten & Protect Moisturizing Cream

I use this product every morning right after I take a bath or simply wash my face. There was a time that I asked myself if I should use moisturizer even if my skin is oily. I was really scared because it might make my skin oilier. So I researched about it and found out that I should still use moisturizer. Although dry skin is much prone to premature aging, it can also happen to oily skin. Anyway, I’ve been using this product for about a month. It says that it whitens but my skin is the same. It’s ok because I don’t actually care about my skintone because I’m proud of my natural tan. This product has SPF 15 and it’s really low. It’s ok to me because I always stay indoors and some of my cosmetics have SPF too and I‘m guessing that it’ll add up. I like this product because it helps my skin become more even. I don’t like having dark spots. I saw people having dark foreheads and patchy. I don’t want that to happen to me because I already have skin problem to deal with. The only problem with this product is that it is really oily. I wish garnier has a moisturizer that is oil-free.

Garnier Light Overnight Peeling Cream

I’m definitely sure that Garnier Light Overnight Whitening Peeling Cream is right for me. I’m so happy with this product. It’s not that oily. I love using this product because it never fails to make me happy when I wake up in the morning and see myself in the mirror. I look so fresh and glowing. I feel so great with this product and I’m crazy about it. It also made my pimple scar lighter and unnoticeable. It doesn’t make my skin peel actually. I don’t know why but it’s great that I don’t peel. I don’t want to look like a decaying corpse because of the falling skin. I’ve been using this product for about a month also. I really love this product. I don’t have anything more to say about this product. All I know is that this is the best night cream ever!

Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll-on

It’s very little. It’s like a ballpen. I don’t like the way it was designed. It’s spilling even if I close the cap properly. It’s such a waste of money. It spills more than the amount I use. That really sucks. Anyway, I use this product right before I sleep at night. It’s not that effective to me when it comes to brightening my eye but it relaxes me. I use this also when I’m tired. It also reduces some fine lines under my eyes. I look younger because my eyes are not puffing anymore even if I don’t have enough sleep. I still have dark under eye though. I still look like a vampire, a very young vampire.

Garnier Pure SOS Blemish Pen

I'm not a fan of this product. It has no difference with other products. It really doesn't dries up pimples fast. It worsen mine actually. It's job is supposed to kill pimples before it actually develops but what it did to mine was the other way around. It became swollen and painful even more. It has a burning sensation when you use it on your zit. It's because of the reaction of the ingredients of this product against the pus and other bacterias. Anyway, it made my pimples more reddish and some became darker. So it's not true that it reduces marks. I'm just finishing this bottle and i will never use this anymore. Centella gel is way better than this SOS Blemish Pen.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

My Skin Problem

I don’t like it when people look at my scars and ask me about it. I find it very offensive.  I get irritated with gestures too. Like for example, I was talking to our guidance councilor in college and while I was talking to her she was looking at my pimples on my cheek and she was scratching her cheek at the portion where my pimples were located. Damn. I could tell that she was not even paying attention to what I was saying. That guidance councilor is but ugly but she doesn’t have any zit at all, just an ugly face.

I tried everything that I saw on the commercials and on line. Those products were not helping me at all. I also use Pond’s but it broke me out too. I don’t know what else to use. Then a high school friend of mine told me about her sister’s skin regimen. I used those. Then I stopped. Last year I consulted a dermatologist for the very first time. I had a session of Diamond Peel and used their formulation for my beauty regimen. My skin improved. I had my zit injected whenever they appear on my face. It hurts a lot but I got used to it. Something came up last year and that caused me to stop the treatment with my dermatologist.  I failed to visit my dermatologist for 2 months then I started breaking out again. It was October. Still, I did not come to see her.

 Example of Diamod Peel (Source:

On December last year I had an acne attack. My face was swollen because of acne. The only portion on my face that doesn’t have acne was my eyes. I swear I’m not kidding. I was crying to my guy and I told him that I’m so ugly and he might look for someone else because nobody wants to be with a pimple head.  I felt awful. I was so stressed out with the way I looked. As I’ve told you on my previous blog, I grew tired of making myself pretty. I stopped using beauty products and even make up. I spent Christmas and New Year 2011 looking like crap. I always surf online looking for solutions to this problem of mine.

When it was ok for my situation to have a skin treatment, my guy brought me to Dermclinic in Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall. He had my face checked up by dermatologists there. They gave me 11 accutane injections. I remembered the nurse telling me how brave I was because I was watching myself in the mirror while the dermatologist was introducing accutane on my pimples.  I told her that I’m used to it. They also gave me topical antibiotics as a toner and a centella gel to prevent pimples to grow.  The accutane injection was not that good because the pimples did not dry immediately. It took 3 days for some to dry. I also heard that acutane is dangerous. It can cause nose bleeding, hair loss and severe headaches. I’m not satisfied with the procedure. The centella gel that I bought from them was effective. I’ll definitely buy centella gel again. It easy dries up pimple really fast than any other brands in the market. If I only knew that it is effective, I would just purchase centella gel and not undergo accutane treatment anymore. 

As of now, I’m still having breakouts but I’m trying not to get stressed out about it. I use some products to cleanse my face and moisturize. Even if I don’t have a clear skin, I would still stay hygienic.  

Pimple History

I had a very beautiful skin growing up. Skin breakouts never became my problem in high school. My classmates were worried about their faces because pimples started to appear on their faces. I saw people having severe cases of acne like my uncle. His face was covered with breakouts and that left deep scars all over his face. My mom told me that I should take care of my skin because my father’s bloodline is prone to acne. She introduced me of using Hydroquinone Tretinoin so that it will prevent my skin from breakouts. I was so afraid to have pimples so I followed my mom's advice.

                                          This was the one I used to prevent skin breakouts

Maxi-Peel was the first product I ever used for my face. It was kind of confusing because it has numbers from 1 to 3 and I don't even know what number should I be use. My mom doesn’t know either even if up to now that she's still using it. It has a very strong smell and it reminded me of Beta dine solutions because of its color. It was just like any other facial cleanser when I first used it. Several days later it started to feel burning whenever I rub it on my cheeks. It felt like I was spilling an acid on my face. It turned my face red and made me look darker even more. I had to use sun blocks or I had to avoid sun rays so that it won’t give my skin pigmentation. Using that product is such a pain in the butt. 

                                                      My face looked like this before.

My face was red as tomatoes and my skin was peeling like crazy. My classmates thought it was weird. I wanted to quit using that product but my mom told me that if I stop, I’ll have a skin breakouts. I don’t want that to happen. So I sucked all the pain in and continued using it until it was ok to stop.  When I finished the Maxi-peel treatment, my skin was glowing. It was really pretty. I had rosy cheeks and baby smooth face. The problem was that my face and neck skin tones were different.  My face was 3 times lighter than my neck. I’m tan naturally. So when I use products like that, it’s obvious.  Using that product was really not a good idea. I was so stupid and used it again for several times.

The problem with this product is that even if I applied it evenly, it made my skin patchy. I had white patches all over my face that looked like the seven continents. I was a human globe! All of that was at the back of my mind. I had this fear of being ugly just like what my mom said. She has this very beautiful skin. Even if she is 51, she doesn’t look her age. She has a youthful glow. I want that. I looked up to my mom’s beauty. All of her friends aged but my mom stayed the way she looked when I was little. There are times that I saw people who are younger than my mom but look older than her.  She’s so lucky and I envy her.

I refrained from using the product when I went in to college. My schedules were hectic and pampering me was at the bottom of my priorities.  I was a commoner in high school and I became a celebrity in college. I was active at organizations and events in our school.  I dealt with so much pressure in college and that started my skin secretes excessive oil.  I was seventeen when pimples started to come out and tell me that they do exist! I was so problematic and started to lose my confidence. That really sucks big time.  I tried to use maxi-peel again for the last time but it didn’t work out the way I expected it to be just like before. I was doomed.  My mom told me to use pearl creams but it made my skin broke out even more.  My skin was severely damaged by pimples and my life changed after that. 

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Maybe I'm born with it.. Maybe it's Maybelline!

My skin produces sebum excessively and that makes my skin breakout. It's my never ending problem and it came to a point that I started accepting it. I stopped using facial wash, creams and cosmetics. I'd lost my appetite of making myself beautiful. I went out without any make up on. I don't have a clear skin so I have to use make up to conceal the imperfections of my skin. The problem is that the more I tried to do something about it, the more my skin became nasty! I always wash my face, exfoliate and moisturize but I still have breakouts. I think it was because of my wrong selection of cosmetics.

Last month, I saw a commercial regarding a foundation that absorbs oil. You'll stay shine-free all day! The commercial was from Maybelline New York. I got excited about the product and couldn't wait to get it. So I went to the mall and found it at Watson's in Marquinton. I was so happy that I found what I've been looking for! Alas! I'll be pretty again!

                                       Maybelline's Clear Smooth Extra Shine Free Powder Foundation
                                                      Long Lasting Oil Control, Full Coverage, No Pore Clogging

I had it for only Php 230.00 because it has Php20.00 off. I was really happy about finding this product because of it's promise.

                                                      The full coverage is in blue compact.

I'm so much in love with this product. It makes me look fresh all-day. I don't have to look like a frying pan anymore! It helps to control the production of my sebum because of its absorption. I can't believe that this product works! Please pinch me! It can last up to 8 hours. Whether you're in school or at work, this product will make you stay fresh all day. Thanks Maybelline for formulating this product. 

Let's now talk about Maybelline's Clear Smooth 8-in-1 Skin Transformer BB Cream. I know that most of you are familiar with BB Cream because it's a craze.. I learned about this product last month, same as the foundation above. I was surfing on the internet about skin care products and cosmetics. Then I saw this on a site and read about what BB Cream is and where did it came from etc. I looked for cosmetic lines that has BB Creams and read about their reviews. I decided to go for Maybelline's since their foundation works for my skin.

                                               Maybelline's Clear Smooth 8-in-1 Skin Transformer
                                                    BB Cream 02 Natural ( Sorry for the photo)

This is my first time to use BB Cream but I fell in love with it the first time I used it! Some blogs and videos are complaining about the size of this BB Cream. It is kinda small but there's nothing to complain about! Maybelline's BB Cream has watery texture but it's really thick when you apply it. You don't need to use a lot because a small amount will do. It's awesome! I got flabbergasted because it actually covered my pimple scars.  I look flawless instantly! I can't get enough of this product! I love it! Big things comes from small packages!

                                                                    My Maybelline Ad
                                                                       Please click the link to watch my commercial:

Every girl who participated went gaga over this commercial. Being a model is every girl's dream. I immediately went for it when I found out about this campaign. I thought I was just making my personal ad campaign for Maybelline. My world stopped when the video played. I was so shocked. I was frozen while watching myself in a commercial with Gerald Anderson. I'm not his fan but I totally had a crush on him after I watched my commercial over and over again. I laughed like crazy because I was so happy about this commercial.  I shared this video to my friends so they can participate too.

                                                    BB Cream Samples in 01 Fresh (1 ml each)                                                
You get to have samples after you participated in the Ad Campaign. It's not much but the joy I had from my commercial was priceless. Anyway, this sachet will prove you that you only need small amount. To my experience, I used 1 sachet for 2 doses. The beauty advisor of Maybelline gave me a wrong shade. Too bad because they only have 01 Fresh for samples and that sucks.

                                                                 Maybelline's BB Cream Samples in 01 Fresh

I'll definitely buy more Maybelline New York products. I'm in love with Maybelline! It's very affordable and satisfaction guaranteed! My mom definitely like this product too. I told my friends about Maybelline and i'm sure they'll use it too because they can see the improvement of my skin. All girls are looking for a non-pore clogging product. Y'all don't need to worry because Maybelline got you covered!

                                                  Maybe I'm born wit it.. Maybe it Maybelline!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Dulcinea's Paella Valenciana


It was late afternoon and we just got out from the Justice Hall. We missed lunch like what we always do. My boss and I decided to look for a restaurant to have our lunch. I suggested to eat at a fast food chain but he said that it's not healthy to eat there. Besides, the fast food chains don't offer a lot of choices. They only serve "junk food".

So we roamed around the mall to look for a restaurant and decided to have our lunch at Dulcinea. The place was not that good since it is located at the center of the mall. What happens is that there are people passing by while we're eating which is kinda annoying for me. The menu has a lot to choose from and it's pricey. But of course, like any other restaurants they also offer budget meals.

My boss ordered Paella Valenciana. This Spanish dish was unfamiliar to me, though it reminded me of Chinese Rice Bowls because both dishes are served together with the rice. However, Paella Valenciana is much more elegantly garnished. They served it in a big black ceramic plate. It has boiled eggs, shrimps, garbanzos, sea shells, oysters, chorizos, red bell pepper, lime, celery and string beans.

The toppings compliment each others flavor and the rice can be eaten by itself. It was palatable! The rice was well-cooked. The texture was soft and while your chewing, you can taste the flavorings and the spices. It was the best rice I've ever tasted in my life! The seafood was fresh. You can easily tell by the way it smells and tastes. It won't leave an odor on your mouth after you ate. The lime lessen the odor of the seafood. The vegetables are steamed. Just like the other toppings, it was cooked seperately that's why the texture was crunchy.

As  I have said, the food was a little pricey but it's worth it! Paella Valenciana is good for two. Perfect for dates or if you're just hanging out with your bff!