Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Baby Shower Nails By Request

Hello goddesses!
This is a quick post for my friend, Zhai. She requested this nail art for her Baby Shower. I asked my friends from  NailNation fun and Polish Talk if they could give me ideas about this nail art. I've never done any nail art for a certain family celebration lolz!

Anyway, some girls said that I should draw a feeding bottle, a stork, diapers so on and so forth. I love their idea, really... BUT, I think it will look to much cartoony. It might also take away the attention of the guest from the baby. So, I went for Irene Jung's (of colorsmitten) idea. She said I should use pastel colors.

I originally pick 3 colors but I'm going to post about it next  time.

Anyway, I want this nail art to be appropriate in both gender. I know that the mother will wear this but it should have something to do with her baby's gender, right? So I chose the shades of GREEN. This color is versatile that's why I love it. There was a year that this color became the new pink. It was in!

These are the products I used for this Nail Art:
LA Colors Art Deco (Silver), 24k (Snow White), San San ( Emerald Green, Sea Green)

If you don't like green, here's another color.

Products I used:

 I also used the image plate above too.

I hope you'll like it.

Please let me now what you think by leaving a comment.
Thank you!


  1. baby shower nails ei!galeng galeng naman sis pam!!!
    first of all.. congrats zhai!!!

    i love the color green one...
    design also captured my attention
    nice and easy and quick!!!
    love it!!!!

    makabili nga sa pinas ^^,

  2. @ Khaye - it's not konad.. i just bought it from a chinese woman. I bought 4 plates for Php 140.00 so cheap right?

  3. eto pala yung tnry mo saken last time! I saw the plates. 2thumbs up sissy! When is the baby shower? :)

  4. @ Sushee - nope. it was the other plate that i tried on your nails.. I don't know about Zhai's baby shower.. Hehe.

  5. Lindo mesmo, não encontro aqui no Brasil essas plaquinhas ... Adorei o efeito, muito fashion!

  6. so cute, great color ;-)

  7. @ A Diva - Talvez você possa encontrá-lo online. Eu não posso acreditar que não há nenhuma placa de imagem em Bazil.

    @ lucyclark;D - hehehehe thanks!

    @ CottonCandyINK - thanks. I love the color too!

  8. Very cute! Love the colors and the design. Followed :)

  9. @ Joy - yeah! Thanks for following back. :)

  10. You are getting better in stamping. Good job sissy! ♥