Monday, 10 October 2011

Kiwi Fruit Nail Art

I love kiwi! I love how it taste.. The only thing I don' like about it are the seeds. I don't like fruits wit many seeds. It's a hassle. 

Anyway, I've been seeing a lot of kiwi nails on YouTube, Google and even on FB groups.
Here are some examples:


I' ve been seeing a lot of this design bu there's only one for me that I think made the pretties Kiwi Nail Art.. and that is:

by: A Diva

Look how A Diva she made this design. It so detailed that it kinda looks lie it's a real kiwi. I love it! She's really artistic. I think her kiwi nail art is prettier that Cute Polish's Kiwi Nail Art..

Now, my turn.. I tried tis design too. Since I ran out of fake nails, I don't ave a choice but to use my real fingernails. I'm sorry because my nails are soooo short. I hope that you will still like it.

So here are the pics.

I hope you enjoy this post.
How about you? Have you tried kiwi nail?

Please leave a comment.


  1. yummmmm, the first pic with the actual kiwi made me crave it so bad! i have never tried this, but it looks so cute, great job!

  2. awww kiwi's are my fav.! :D soo cute!

  3. I love the nails u created ♥ !
    I'm having a nail polish set giveaway on my blog !

  4. Yummmm these kiwis look sooo tasty! Kiwis are my second favorite fruit next to mangos. But I've only tried kiwis once. :( Anyway..
    This nail art design is awesome! They look just like kiwis. I might have to try kiwi nails someday. :D

  5. Lindo!
    Realmente você caprichou na arte, e o seu Kiwi ficou lindo apesar das unhas estarem pequenas.
    Fiquei muito feliz em você ter citado minha nail art aqui.
    Obrigada pelo espaço.

  6. @ CottonCandyINK - hahahaha really? i'm craaving for it too! :-)

    @ Lucy Clark - I'm happy to know that you like kiwis too!

    @ addicted-2-make-up - Thanks! Really? Ok.. I'm going to join. :-)

    @ Kirshten - You should! It's easy to do. :-)

    @ A Diva - Eu amo a sua arte de unhas kiwi. Eu olhei para ele por 1 hora. É realmente muito bonito.

  7. wow your an incredible nail artist! im going to definitely do these

  8. I love it, it's so funny! :)

  9. @ Em - thank you! :-)

    @ sharon vuitton - i know right? :-)

    @ beltanesecret - yeah it's fun! :-))

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  11. Indiquei você:
    Apareça e participe!

  12. These are So cute! I love them!

  13. @ Mannequins Dream - thanks for the comment but I had to delete it because you're not a follower of my blog. only followers are allowed to leave their links.

    @ A Diva - Estou lendo seu blog agora. Eu vou participar.

    @ imfeelingnail-venturous - thanks! i love them too!

  14. love kiwi, your nails look so tasty ;-D

  15. @ nail crazy - thanks for the comment! :-)

  16. hello! please follow back



  17. awWw
    have you seen my fruity nails sis?!
    i actualkly didnt painted my nails with kiwis all over but i had it on both my hands! hahahahaa howell... love this sis!!! really!!!! but summer's gone and now ive done a bit for autumn yet it is still autumn ahahaha thats next nail art!!!! awWww

    mahaba habang oras gugugulin ko dito sa blog mo sis!

    natambakan na ako!

    rise and shine!!!!!

  18. @ ~Khaye Garcia~ - yes sis! actually balak ko nga mag remake ng isa sa mga nail art mo e..