Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Idol Nail Art

Hello godesses!
K-pop, J-pop, P-pop and other singing groups are very popular in our generation. They are called "idols". Their popular style started here in Asia. They have these outrageous outfits, glamorous hairstyle and of course cute nails!

What I like about idols are, they have different personalities yet they complement each others. Just like colors! That's the reason why nail artists like me designs a nail art inspired by these idols.

Anyway, let's look at the design one by one..

I used San San's Sea Green, Etude House's Petite Nails Hot Pink and a Gold striper. I painted it vertically. I was surprise to see that the colors look good together. A drew a white heart and applied a silver glitter polish all over the heart. To finished it up, I put pink nail sequins to outline the heart's shape.

This is my fave design. I made this accidentally haha. Anyway, I just applied it zigzag. i don't now hot to put it in words. Sorry. I just love it!

I applied gold nail polish all over the nail. This is very simple too but it looks fab because of the colors. I just put dots randomly..

I applied a Pearl White as a background. I drew half a star using a pink nail polish and then I outlines it with gold striper. I used Sea Green nail polish for the designs on the sides and outlined it too with gold striper.

Pearl White for the background. I tried to make a cheetah pattern but it kinda failed. It sucks! I just put a fimo and 3 rhinestones to jazz it up a little bit.


Sorry guys that it took me like days just to update my blog. Huhu!
I was busy and it became impossible for me to upload pix because someone broke my USB connector. GRRRRRRR!



  1. you designed all this? amaaaazing! :D

  2. Hi, Pamela!
    I liked your blog. The nail 'middle' is so beautiful..
    Sorry for my english.
    I'm tried speak.

    Beijos, Brasileiros!

  3. Hehehe.. Obrigada Gracietta! :-)

  4. Hello! Please follow my blog. i will definitely follow back. Obrigada!

  5. Wow these are cool!

  6. expressing ourselves = ART

    and i love it!

    like i love your attitude!!!!

  7. @ Khaye - ganun talaga sis pag maharot!