Monday, 29 August 2011

Rainbow Connections

I saw this nail art design at

I really love this design. Especially right now because my fingernails broke so I cut them. It took me one hour for this nail art. Good thing I have a french tip guide that I bought from Etude House. It guided me on creating a perfect arch of the rainbow.

This what I came up. i just added some glitters and I altered some design and maid it my own. But all in all, it came from the design above.


Michael Jackson Nail Art

Happy Birthday MJ!
This nail art is dedicated to my idol.

On my previous blog about my new haircut, you saw Glecy again for the second time.. Hehe, I hope she'll be a regular guest here on my blog. Anyway, she's a Michael Jackson fan too. I'm sure she's on her way to MJ's Birthday celebration right about now (there are lots of MJ fans here in the Philippines). He died but his fame and memories still lives. 

There's an event today for MJ and I designed a Michael Jackson Nail Art for Glecy. She said that other MJ fans will be jealous of her, hahaha!

Michael Jackson Nail Art

The picture above is the design I came up with. 

At home...

Glecy had a hard time removing the nail polish that I used (last week) for her nail art. Hehe. 

She did the cleaning.  

I painted her nails alternately..

Thumb: Gold BG, "This is it", blue rhinestones at the tip.
Index: Black BG, "Bad" in red underlined lettering.
Middle: White BG, MJ's silhouette.
 Ring: Silver BG, black MJ leterring, silver glitters.
Pinky: Red BG, Jacko's jacket design on "Thriller".

That's it! 

Sunday, 28 August 2011

My New Look or should I say...My signature look?

I really wanted to cut my hair. It was very long but dry and frizzy. Sometimes, I think that I look like a ghost. I told my guy that I'll cut my hair but he stopped me. He said that not all girls have a long hair. I told him that it's long but it's ugly. He said that he'll give me money to do something about my hair except for cutting it short. 

I've been dying to cut my hair just like Dorothy Joy's. She's my friend. She had a long hair too just like mine but she had it cut up to her nape. I want that. 

Look how pretty she is..

Victor doesn't like to cut his hair. He looks like a mad scientist most of the time. I hate it when he doesn't cut his hair. So I told him that if he doesn't cut his hair...........I'm going to cut mine! Hahahaha! We have a deal now. I'm going to sacrifice my vanity for him.

He went to the GQ Barber Salon to have his hair cut. We were so busy that day and it was really tiring. He decided to get a hair spa and a massage. I'm really happy that he did this.


Now it's my turn to shine..
After his pampering, we went to Ricky Reyes salon to inquire about the milk rebonding. We were surprised to learn that it costs Php 5,000.00 haha! No way! So I decided to have my hair colored and styled. It only costs Php 2,200.00 hehe.

Ate Glecy was there too (for moral support). Haha! 

Our NEW Look..


Pink and Yellow Inspired Nail Art

I saw this cute little flowers growing in our garden. I don't know its name. If you do, please tell me 'coz I'm dying to know..

This flower inspired me to make a super girly nail art. I know that every girls will like this nail art as much as I do. I already uploaded a picture regarding this nail art. My girlfriends love it!

Here is the finished look.


I hope that you'll do this nail art too.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

WARNING: Don't use fake nails!

It really hurts..

What do you think?
Gotcha! Don't worry girls. Those pictures weren't real. Those are just special effects. This is actually for Halloween but I'm afraid coz by that time, my nails are longer for sure. To achieve this special effects, you must have a very short nails. My nails broke that's why I've been using fake nails since August 3. 

I love fake nails okay? Sorry for the stupid prank. Anyway, this is a Sadako Nail Art Design. I haven't seen anyone do this. Hahahahaa, I'l be the first one!

This are my real fingernails.. It's really short because they broke when I was doing the laundry.

I applied an eyelash glue all over the nail.

Then I put a small amount of cotton.

I reapplied the eyelash glue.

Then I put cotton again.

Last but not the least, I used a red lipstick to paint all over the cotton. This will make the nails scarier because it looks like you have no nails! Just like Sadako. 

I hope you enjoyed it.

Officially A Relic Hunter!

Oh my effin' G!
I'm really excite to share this to you girls. I just found a very cute design for nail arts. It's like a diamond but it's not. It has different shapes but with the same color. Anyway, I bought 2 shapes and I'm loving it even if I haven't used them. Haha!

I'm thinking about using them in my own version of Arabian Nights Nail Art.

Aside from its elegant design, it only costs Php 24.95!

I can't wait to use this stuff on my nail art tutorials. 


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Evergreen Nail Art Tutorial

Remember this?

Hahaha.. Sorry guys if I failed to take a picture when I was doing Glecy's nail. I had a hard time finishing the Nail Art because we were chatting with are friend, Sushee. Remember her? She did the Mermaid Eye's by Sushee.

We were laughing so hard that night. I even thought that I may not finish the nail art. 

Anyway, I made a tutorial using fake nails. This tutorial is for you, you and you! :))

...because i love my readers.








Monday, 22 August 2011


I'm so much in love with the color GREEN. It's so cool in the eyes. Most of my stuff are color green. I'm lucky because the place where I live has plants and trees everywhere. Antipolo City is a group of hills. My house is on top of the hill. Our streets are like forest. There are lots of birds here. I love the butterflies too. Every morning I hear the birds chirping and I see the butterflies flying around the flowers in our garden.

This pic was taken at Cloud 9. It's near my house!!!

Anyway, I have a friend that shares the same interests with me. We have the same taste! Haha.. Her name is Glecy. Just like me, she loves the color green

I wasn't able to take a pic of the step by step procedure on how I achieved this nail art. Anyway, the pictures below are the finished look.

Isn't it pretty?

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Long Time No Blog..

Yehey! After 17 days, I'm going to update my blog finally! I've been busy and my card reader was acting up. We bought a new reader but the laptop won't recognize it. 

We really have very hectic schedule this August because of the hearings, meetings, public service and other things concerning Attorney's profession. I'm his legal assistant. That's why wherever he goes, I go. 

On the second week of August, we went to Marikina Sports Center for the Caravan. There are doctors, dentists and lawyers who came to give free service for those people who are in need.

IBP Rizal
Atty. Victor F. Bernabe Jr. and company..

 So many people went to the event because of the FREE services that they can get.

The IBP Lawyers
These people accommodate all kinds of people.

Unlike the INC Lawyers, they just went there to eat crackers while gossiping with other INC members. There are 3 INC Lawyers but they only accommodated 1. So, 3 heads are better than one??? Does it have to be 3 lawyers for 1 client? Sounds stupid to me.
Look at those /|\ 4 0 12 $ 3 at the other table.. Pigging out. NOM NOM NOM.
 When they arrive, they ate.. When they ate, they went home.

 Hello! Looking haggard. I was tired that day but thanks to some energy drink they gave us... My eyes were popping out. I looked like a serial killer.

 I'm so proud of Atty. Victor F. Bernabe
"To give a genuine public service, you must add something that cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity."

Spot me!

Hehe! :-)