Monday, 24 October 2011

Flu's Not An Excuse

Hello godesses!
I'm really sad because my hubby has a flu. I was up all night because I can't afford to sleep. I'm soooo worried about his condition. 

At 3am I was really tired already but I need not to sleep. So, I found a way to divert my sleepiness. I took my nail art tools and start doing my nails.

I used this plate that I bought from Phoebe's Merchandise. It's actually new but it has a lot of scratches because I've been practicing lately..

It's not that perfect yet but I will practice more..

I think it looks okay from a far. I hope people won't notice the flaws.

I would like to call this nail art "WHITE TIGER" because I used a white base coat and the prints are black. For sure others will think that it debatable whether this is a zebra or not. LOLZ!

TRIVIA: Zebras are black with white stripes!
Got to go.

Sorry for this very short post. I need to get back on taking care of my hubby. I hope he'll get well soon.

Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment.


  1. this is so cute!

    hope your hubby gets better soon!


  2. @ CottonCandyINK - I really hope so. Thanks!

  3. @ neelai - naku! yours is definitely better than this..

  4. @ lucyclark - thanks for the compliment..

  5. i'm not lucky with stamping so everytime i see someone do it nicely on their nails i get kinda envious i wish i could do it on my nails too... that is a fact.... anyway i'm still learning to do it nicely and i'm hoping i'll do....

  6. @ Myline Cabitac - I know that you don't have to learn stamping because you're AWESOME at freehand painting!

  7. Nice:) What nail polish did you use in stamping? :D

  8. I love this design! I never knew zebras were black! I always thought they were white with black stripes! ;p

  9. @ Aya - I used San San Luxury Black. :-)

    @ Kirshten - Now you know.. he he he

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  11. @ Fabriza Spinelli - if you really like my style, you should've followed me first before you ask me to follow you right?

  12. I'll try and do a design just like yours!