Monday, 31 October 2011

Living Dead Doll: Desmodus

Hello goddesses!
I really lost track of dates. It always happen to me, GRRRR!
It's the last day of October and I still have 2 more LDD to feature. :(

I thought I can feature them on or before November 1. 

Anyway, today I'm featuring Desmodus.

Desmodus is from Series 21, same with Absynth. I really like Desmodus because he is my "unico hijo". Lolz! How can I say this, uhm.. oh, "He's the only thorn among the roses". :))

Let's take a closer look:

I love his casket's design. I like the color. This is for the 13th anniversary of LDD. I didn't mention this to my past posts, at the bottom of the casket it says that LDD is for children 15 and above. LOLZ! 
I'm a child :)) haha. Anyway, I saw some kid on youtube that have these dolls.

I think his chipboard is bad as* hehe. It's so gothic. The skull design is simple, which I definitely prefer. As you can see, it has wings too because his series is called, "Things with Wings".

Death Certificate
A broken bat came whirling and lodged in his neck
 As player screamed in vain, "Kid hit the deck!" 
But somehow Desmodus just wouldn't die Instead he grew fangs, 
and wings and found he could fly!

That must've hurt! He died on August 16, 1948.

Desmodus is wearing this really cute baseball unifom. It's an over-all, if that's how others call it. I like the color combination of red and black. So devilish!!!

Trivia:   The symbol on Desmodus' chest and baseball cap is not just "The living dead dolls symbol" It is in fact the Satanic Cross. It is the alchemical symbol for sulfur to represent Fire and Brimstone.

Special Features
Face: Desmodus face really scares me. Specially his eyes, oh no. He looks like he's gonna bite you. Oh those piercing eyes!!! I like his mouth. I think it is perfectly shaped. Her fangs are "in the correct position". it makes me laugh whenever I saw some peeps that put their fangs on their lateral incisors. Hahahahahahahaha! It should be on the canine teeth!

Ears: Isn't it big? his ears are elf-like. BTW, I forgot to mention that Absynth's ear are like this too.

Wings: I'm in love with his wings! Again, it's bad as*! It is attached to his back and not to his outfit. I like that the  wings are translucent red. It has the effect of real bat wings. :)

Too bad that Desmodus has only one accessory. Hmmm, but it's better than nothing. 

More Pictures!

I hope you won't get tired of my doll posts. I'm almost done. There are two more dolls to be posted.

Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment...


  1. i really love your collection sis! hihihihihi

  2. @ ♥neelai♥ - hehehehehe.. i'm happy coz you're not scared of them..

  3. This doll is super scary! His teeth and wings are awesome!!

  4. @ Kirshten - my hubby chose him, not me.. I'm scared of him too.

  5. lol, desmodus looks like a tough guy ;-D