Sunday, 4 September 2011

Living Dead Doll Nail Art (Savannah)

Living Dead Doll : Savannah
Light a candle but once a year
and speak the name Savannah dear,
Before your eyes it will appear
her painted face so full of fear.

Okay. Enough of the creepy introduction. He he he! I know it's really uncanny but I love "The Living Dead Dolls". I'm actually planning to make my own creepy doll. Sigh, it will happen someday but for now I'm gonna show you a nail art inspired by my Living Dead Doll, Savannah.

Here it is..

Living Dead Doll: Savannah Nail Art
Let's look closely..

The Thumb
I painted it white just like Savannah's pasty white skin. I also drew a spiders web because Savannah has a spider's web face paint on her cheeks. The yellow rhinestones was also inspired by the yellow dots around her forehead.

The Index

The Index nail was inspired by Savannah's long grey lace dress. I did not use stamp for this design. I hand painted it and I also added some crystal clear micro beads so that it will look more edgy. 

The Middle

This design looks easy but it's not. I really ran out of idea about this one. Anyway, in this design I was inspired by Savannah's red hair and her black bandana that she's wearing all over her shoulder. 

The Ring

OMG! This is my favorite of all the Savannah Nail Art. I love it. This design was inspired by the flaming heart that is painted on her forehead.

The Pinky

Savannah's eyes are so intense and creepy. She has a huge green eyes. Her eyes are also painted with light and dark blue.


I hope you like this creepy nail art.

Disclaimer: The portrait of Savannah (see at the top portion) came from
I don't own the first picture.

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