Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Wet n' Wild - Wild Shine "Caribbean Frost"

Greetings fellow bloggers! 
I missed y'all! :( This is the last day of January. Time is so fast! I can't believe that tomorrow is February. I've been busy this month and so I'm hoping that I will have more time to make a blog post every other day (just like before).  

On today's post, I would like to share with you my very first Wet n' Wild nail polish. Yes, I broke one of my 2012 resolution - not to buy more nail polish! I went to a mall in Manila and saw lots of brands that we don't have here in Marikina City. I looked around but I didn't buy any. I regretted that when I got home. When I went back to Manila, I decided to get one polish! Just one, I swear..


I love the color. It only cost Php 100. Here are my swatches.

Nice.. The only problem I have is the label on the bottle. As you can on the first picture, the label is well printed. When I held my Wet n' Wild, I noticed that the label's silver font started to smear like crazy. Dang! it looks bad. So I erased it for good.

This color looks good on my skin tone. <3 <3 <3

How about you?
Have you tried this shade?

Please let me know what you think...


Sunday, 22 January 2012

Landing on the 9th Place

Hello fellow bloggers!
I hope that you're all okay. :) I would like to share with you the prizes that I received from Fab Ur Nail Fantasy Contest. She had an anniversary contest last year which I joined. Yeah, I know this is a late post ha ha ha.

Mermaid's Lagoon Nail Art

I created this design at the last minute. I only used what i have for this design. I don't have acrylic paints for nails. That's why I was so happy when I learned that I landed a place on this contest.

I landed on the 9th Place
My hubby was teasing me. He said that I'm a loser because I'm in the 9th Place and that can't be considered as "winning". Haha! I told him that there were 20+ entries and I was lucky to be included at the top 10.

My prizes!!! :-)
I like the gold stamping polish.. It's really thick. I haven't tried the blue stamping polish yet. The stamping set are awesome too! I super love them!

BK Crackle Polish Set Swatches
I love this gold BK Nail Polish. It looks nice at it is. I mean, I don't need to put a design on it because it's pretty by itself.

BK Crackle Polish sucks. It's not pretty. I will throw it and keep the gold and clear BK Polish.
I hope you liked my today's post.

Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment.. 


The first 3 pictures came from Fab Ur Nails Blog

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

Kirshten from KK Nails nominated me for this award! Thanks so much my friend! :D

Ok, so here are the rules you must follow after receiving this award..
1. Link back the person who gave you this award.
2. Complete the form below.
3. Award 10 other blogs and let them know in a comment or email
4. Share 7 random facts about yourself.

1. Name your favorite song.
I love this song. It brightens up my day. :D

2. Name your favorite dessert.

3. What ticks me off:
- someone's yelling at me.
- other people keep changing their minds.
- someone's bitching for no reason.

4. When I'm upset I...
talk about it with the person that made me upset.

5. What's your favorite pet..
My favorite pet is Bert. He died.

6. Black or White?
- Black (coz it's elegant)

7. Biggest fear..
- Drowning or burning..

8. Everyday attitude..
- Normal.

9. What is perfection?
- I'm sorry but I don't believe in perfection. :)

10. Guilty pleasure
-Expensive nail polishes..

7 Facts

1. I'm obsessed with MATT DAMON!
2. I'm on a diet plan right now.
3. I love watching movies (local and international)
4. I love youtube videos
5. I don't wear pants! I only wear dresses.
6. I want to become an actress.
7. I like to travel around the globe!

10 Bloggers to receive this award:

Thank you so much! I hope you'll find time to share this award too. 

Friday, 6 January 2012

A Gift from Natalie Brooks

Hello goddesses!
I would like to share with you the gift I received from Natalie.
Our little group decided to have an exchange gift last Christmas. I wasn't expecting that the nail mail will arrive yesterday. Natalie informed me on facebook but I wasn't able to read it that's why I was surprise when it came.

I was watching TV when I heard the delivery guy calling from the outside. So I went out and checked on him. The delivery guy told me that he got lost. He informed me that there is a house with the same address with mine. I already know that but I didn't pay attention. I feel so stupid. There must be a mistake with the addresses. It's really weird. 

What bothers me is that the people from the "other address" was trying to get my package. The delivery guy went to the "other address" and looked for me. Of course, I will never be there coz I don't live there. BUT the woman from "that address" was very eager to get my package regardless if my NAME is on it. The woman told him to give her my package. I'm so proud of the delivery guy coz he asked for the ID to confirm if she was me.

The delivery guy went searching for the real address and luckily he found me. :-)
My husband and I always gets mails and packages. My husband's mails are important because he's a lawyer. I'm worried that some bad people might get it. Worst comes to worst, those people might do bad things (scams) using our names and infos. It sucks that there are lots of scammers and con-artists in my country. 

Enough of my problem.

The package is quite big. Just look at the box. No wonder why the woman was interested. Maybe she thought that there's a Golden Buddha inside haha!

These nail stuff only costs Php 200.00 or 4.53 USD... It doesn't worth much, but to a nail art enthusiast like me, these are considered as treasures. :-) I'm glad that Natalie's gift was safely delivered to me. Kudos JRS Express!

Have you experienced this kind of situation?

What will you do if you're in my situation?

Should I report them to the police to avoid future problems?


Wednesday, 4 January 2012

What I got last Christmas

Hello fellow bloggers!
Yes, this is a late post of what I got last Christmas. Anyway, I just wanna share it with you guys. These are small things but I really appreciate them. :D 

I'm looking forward to finish this book. This  book was very pricey, it cost Php 900.00 but we got it for Php 300.00 something. I'm looking forward to finish this book! I love reading!

We bought this nail polish at a regular prize. I love the rainbow effect of this flakies. I asked my hubby to buy this for e because flakies are so IN right now. I love it! I will swatch this and make a blog about it. :D

This is the other polish... Addition to my collection.. These nail polishes are the last polishes that I'm going to buy. I'll try not to buy anymore coz I have plenty already. :) I love this color. My mom likes it too.

Another addition to my Living Dead Dolls Collection. They are Goria and NoHell. I will also make a blog post for them.. Anyway, Goria is from the latest series which is Series 22. The dolls from that series are zombies... While NoHell is a limited edition doll for Christmas. :D

I hope you enjoy this post..

How about you? What did you get last Christmas? 

Please let me know by leaving a comment... 

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy 2012 fellow bloggers!!!

I just wanna share with you my New Year's Resolution. I know that most people can't keep up on their resolutions coz it's really hard! Anyway, this is my first time doing a list of what I must do this year. I've been bad last year and I wanna change for the better and because I love my hubby..

  1. Lose Weight - I already mentioned earlier on my previous blog post that I was 118 lbs and then I gained weight when I got pregnant. I became 148 lbs. It's really hard becoming overweight for my 5 ft 2 inches height. I don't feel good about myself. I'm insecure about how I look. :( I really feel ugly because I look old for my age. I'm starting to eat healthy foods and I exercise. :D
  2. Be patient - I lack patience. I easily get angry at someone, things and situations. My hubby gets upset always because of this. I love him so much but I've been selfish. He's really old. I should understand why he's slow and sometimes weak, why he constantly forget things, why he's grumpy, why he have to make me read (docs, newspaper, books etc) for him, so on and so forth... 
  3. Manage my anger - This is because of what I mentioned in number 2. I will try my best not to get angry easily. My hubby said I should sing a happy song if I started to feel like I'm going to turn into Hulk. What should I sing???             
  4. Stop getting into trouble - Last year, I had a fight with one of my relative because of the things she said about me. I should have ignored it but I fought back. Sigh... I will avoid those kinds of problem. If it's inevitable, I will just ignore. Besides, I know myself better than they do.
  5. Think before giving a comment - Last year, I really spoke my mind. I'm happy that my personal friends and I are very open with each other. It sucks that some people online are very judgmental. I had bad experiences with them. This 2012, I will think twice before I give a comment or IF I should give a comment.
  6. Beware of some people I met online - There's a girl on facebook that is bitching on me. Here in the Philippines we call it "tinatarayan". I could tell by the way she reacts on everything I say. I mean, she's making a mountain out of a hill. Others won't notice it but her bitching frenzy is obvious to me since she addresses me. There are group of girls that told me to beware of her because she's a swindler. I don't care about that. I actually feel sorry for that person because she has to scam and victimize people in order for her to earn money. I could care less about her criminal life but what hurts me is that she doesn't know me personally to treat me like crap. So, from this moment until the end of days....I will avoid her (and girls of her kind)!
  7. Take good care of Daddy (Hubby) - As I've said he's old and he's fat. He's not healthy because of the food we ate last year. We like rice soooo much! Rice is healthy but too much of it is very dangerous because it has sugar. My hubby's Family Medical  History is scary. They have diabetes, highblood, enlargement of the heart and eczema. His cousin died to his sleep last year. He just stopped breathing. I don't want my hubby to end up like that. That's why this year we are going VEGAN! Go veggies! I hate vegetables but I love my husband.. I will eat healthy with him.
  8. Save money - I won't buy unnecessary things anymore. I learned that a person's social status cannot be measured by the things he/she have! ( Again, there are girls who think that they have the better life because of their nail polish collection... Isn't it ridiculous? ) I know people that are in debt because of their caprices. It's okay if you have the budget for it. ;-) I will save money for more important things! I promise to buy nail polishes only if I needed to.
  9. Make over - I'm tired of my look! I've been pulling this off since 2009. I'm so outdated. Haha! My hair is too long so I'm going to cut it and donate it to "Locks of Love". I will research on how to mix and match my clothes. I don't really like to follow the latest trends that's why I'm going to enhance my personal style with the help of my fashionista friends!
  10. Go to Church - This is really important.
  11. Refrain from drinking sodas! Drink tea instead! - This is the hardest resolution on my list. I like Mountain Dew. It's my favorite soda of all time. Talking about it right now reminds me of how it tastes. Waaaaah! This is crazy. I like tea too BUT Mountain Dew is the best. :( Anyway, I want to live longer and I want to remove all the toxins inside my body. I will drink tea from now on. *cross fingers. :D