Friday, 28 October 2011

Living Dead Doll: Gabriella The Ghoul

Hello goddesses!
Halloween is fast approaching! This blog post is not beauty related, whatsoever. I know I can make a Halloween make up/ nail art, but for now I would like to share to you my Living Dead Dolls Collection for the next following days before Halloween.

Gabriella The Ghoul
Let's take a closer look at Gabriella's

I'm sorry for the picture. It won't stand. :(
All Living Dead Dolls packaging is really creepy. As you can see, my doll is inside a casket.

The chipboard poem says that Gabriella was eaten by "zombies" that's why she became one of them.

Death Certificate
Yup! She and other LDD comes with a Death Certificate to make it appear scarier! Anyway,it says there that she died on November 23, 1933. 

Tricks and treats on Halloween night
Are guaranteed to stir up a fright
But when Gabriella knocks
It's best to not undo your locks
Or you will end up with a bite

The poem is written on her Death Certificate.

The Ghoul Mask
Her mask is glow in the dark. I'm sorry 'coz my camera had a hard time capturing the perfect glow of this mask. Grrrrrrrr! 

It kinda sucks because her outfit is not that fabulous like the others. Also, it says on the chipboard that she dressed up like Cinderella but she isn't. This outfit looks like a scrub suit to me. It also looks like an outfit of a mortician. 

The Pumpkin Basket
Hehe. This is really cute! It's as small as a jack n' stone ball.  I really like how this little basket is made. It's so cool. The details are awesome too. <3 <3 <3

The Face
O.O Scary huh? Look at that stare! Ooooh, isn't it uncanny? She really gives me the creeps. By the way, she kinda looks drained because she ran out of blood because some zombie/s bit her so bad. Eeew. I bet they just drank her blood but not necessarily ate her up.

She's green because as I've said, she doesn't have blood running through her veins..


I hope you got scared even just a little.

Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment...


  1. lmao, this is cute!

  2. Uau, isso sim é assustador!!!

  3. @ CottonCandyINK - I have more to share..

    @ A Diva - hehehe

    @ nail crazy - thanks!

    @ Kirshten - I know right? :))

  4. katakot nman yan.... not into scarry stuffs...

  5. I'm happy to met her personally. :)) scary indeed!