Friday, 1 July 2011

Time to Pluck

Thank God I have a nicely shaped brows. I don't have to go to a parlor to fix it dramatically. My cousins have a UNI-brow. They have to pluck in between their eyes which is kind of painful. Some of them have their brows shaved but it didn't turned out good. They all looked like an alien.

Anyway, I would like to share some tips on how I pluck my brows.

I have to pluck my eyebrows because it's regrowing already.

Some girls are stretching their brows upward when they pluck or shave. That's a big NO for me. It might cause premature ageing. It will also make the skin in your eyes sag. :-(

I divided my brows into 3 parts:
1. Inner Brow Bone, 2. Outer Edge Brow Bone, 3. Upper Corner Eye Brow

I start plucking on the (1)Inner Brow Bone. It's really painful plucking on that side but you'll get use to it. The next one is the (2)Outer Edge Brow Bone. When you get to this part, it's not as painful as what you felt on the inner brow bone. Last but not the least is the (3)Upper Corner Eye Brow. This part is very important in achieving an arch to your eyebrow.


It's a little reddish but it's normal. So don't worry!
Don't wash your face after plucking because your pores are still open. Just let it rest for awhile.

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