Thursday, 21 July 2011

Bollywood Wedding Nails

Hi girls! I'm back! I've been busy the whole week. I haven't had any nail polish on for 3 days. Would you believe that? Haha. 

For this blog, I'm gonna feature a Nail Art that I saw from YouTube. I really love the design especially the color combination of Red and Gold. 

Let's Begin.

1 Start by applying base coat to protect your nails.


2 Apply two coats of any Gold nail polish. Mine was from Caress, Pure Gold.


3 Apply a gold dust to add more shimmer.


4 Using a nail art pen, draw lines, curves and dots. It's really up to your imaginations.


You can now enjoy your Bollywood Wedding Nail Art.

Bollywood Wedding Nails can also be done on your toenails.

---Inspired by:

I hope you like it. 


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