Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Make Up Challenge

Yesterday, we had to ride a taxi because our car was color coding. We were late for our appointment because it was really hard to get a taxi that would give us a ride going to Taguig City. Our house is located at Antipolo City and it's kinda far.

I took a bath and dressed up but  haven't put any make up when the taxi arrived. So, I had this idea. A "Make Up Challenge". I wanna know if I can put make up properly on a moving vehicle. Haha.

So here's what happened and let's see if I passed the challenged.

I look terrible without make up on. Just like other celebrities, I hate it when people see me without make up. I feel naked without it. Besides, I have imperfections.


I used my Maybelline BB Cream as a base. I wasn't able to put some moisturizer but it was okay because I have this awesome product.
Verdict: Passed


I used E.L.F. Corrective Concealers to hide my skin  breakout. 
Verdict: Passed


Applying a Maybelline Foundation on a moving vehicle was so easy. It's just a piece of cake. The challenged was not that hard yet. ;))
Verdict: Passed

Eyebrow Pencil

Oh my gosh, lining my eyebrow was so hard to do. I looked awful. It was really hard, man.
Verdict: Failed


The line on my lid was okay but  not that even. Since I'm a perfectionist I hated it .
Verdict: Failed

Eye Shadow

Applying my eye shadow was so easy.
Verdict: Passed

False Lashes

I had a hard time putting this. The glue was all over my hands, I can't put it to the right place and I have to do it over and over again. :-( 
Verdict: Failed


To finish my look, I applied my pink Nichido lipstick. I love it! It was easy for me to apply it.
Verdict: Passed

Make up is like a magic!

See? I told you I looked different with make up. :))

Yay! I passed the challenge.

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