Thursday, 30 June 2011

Pam's Pedicure

I don't like going to a salon for a pedicure. The equipments are being used by different people. Eww..
Anyway, this is how I do my pedicure. I'm not a pro but at least I'm sure that my equipments are clean and I'm the only one using it..

                                                                         STEP 1

I removed  my old nail polish gently. Some nail polish are very hard to remove because I put several application (base coat, 2 or more application of my desired nail color and top coat). Since the polish is thick, it's easier to peel it off without damaging my nails.

I used Hortaleza Professional Nail Polish Remover because it's gentle and it doesn't smell awful. It smells like strawberry. Anyway, exposing your nails with acetone regularly is very harmful. It can cause contact dermatitis. Some nail polish has very strong ingredient. That's why I peel my old nail polish so that I won't expose myself with too much acetone.


Using a q-tip with acetone, I removed the remaining polish at the sides of my toenails. 


I soaked my toenails with cuticle remover to soften them. I left it for 2-3 minutes. 

This is a really good trick because after this, it'll be easier for me to remove the dead skin on my nail plate and in-grown toe nails at my nail groove.


Instead of pushing the in-grown and excess skin of my nail towards my eponychium (which mostly do), I pulled it upward so that no in-grown will remain. 

Step 5

I put Benzalkonium Chloride to my nail groove to keep my nails sanitize. This will serve as an anti-septic and disinfectant. It also left pinkish tint to my nails.


I brushed my nails gently to spread the benzalkonium chloride..

All the products were spread evenly. Wow it's so clean!


I applied a colorless nail polish to protect my nail plate. It's up to you if you want to apply a color to your toenails but for me, I left it like this. I want my nails to have a timeout from nail art. He he he. 


I love it!!! 

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