Sunday, 3 July 2011

Bluer Than Blue Nail Art (Manicure)

Bluer Than Blue Nail Art Design

Hi Guys! I just turned 24 last June 27.. As a gift for myself, I designed a nail art for my birthday!
I'm going give you a step by step procedure on how to achieve this Bluer Than Blue Nail Art!

Step 1

Color your fingernails alternately. The middle finger should me silver. To your pinky and index - warm blue and to your ring finger and thumb - neon blue.

Step 2

Make a  diagonal French Tip to your pinky and index using a neon blue Nail polish

Step 3

Make a warm blue dots to your diagonal French tip using your smaller dotting tool.

Step 4

Put a black 3D nail sticker to the lower part of the diagonal French tip.

Step 5
To your ring finger and thumb, put a white 3D Nail Art Sticker.

Step 6

Make 3 oblongs using a dotting tool and a silver nail polish to your thumb.

Step 7

Put a silver glaze to your ring finger and thumb.

Step 8

Get a dark blue and baby blue flower nail rhinestones and place it to your middle finger.

You can now enjoy your Forever Blue Nail Art Manicure.
I hope to see you next time for the continuation of this blog. I'm going to create a pedicure inspired by this nail art. 

Bluer than blue nail art

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