Saturday, 30 July 2011

Rocker Chic Nail Art

Taylor Momsen

I love a rocker chic style. Pink and black compliment each other. I'm going to show you a Nail Art inspired by a Rocker Chic. I often see tutorials on YouTube that uses pink and black nail polish. 

First of all, I just wanna tell you guys that I never thought that this Rocker Chic nail art would be successful. This was my first attempt and I'm happy with what I've finished.

Let's Begin.

I applied a base coat to protect my nails. To my LEFT hand, I painted my thumb, index and middle fingernails pink. I painted black on my ring and pinky fingernail. Do the same on your RIGHT but it should be vice verza.

Make a French tip to your index and pinky. If your polish is pink, make a black French tip.. Vice verza.

Draw a heart on your thumb.

Do the same thing on your middle fingernail. Make a dots on the rest of the nails. (Index - the dots should be on the French tip. Ring - make a dots that looks like a cross. Pinky - dots should be on the lower portion.

Put a rhinestones to your French tip, at the sides of the heart on your middle fingernails and put the rhinestone to the dots that you made on your ring fingernails.

To your thumb, put rhinestones all over the heart shape.


Enjoy your Rocker Chic Nail Art!


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