Monday, 1 August 2011

Gaikokujin Gyaru by KG

Hi girls! How's life been treating you? :-) I hope you're doing good just like me. I'm really excited right now because I'm so honored to feature a friend of mine who's an internet sensation because of her good looks and slamming body. Hot! Hot! Hot!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to present.....

Khaye Garcia

She's Filipina-Japanese model from Midori-shi, Gumma, Japan. She kinda reminds me of Jennifer Lopez. We think that she really looks like J. Lo minus Marc Anthony. Haha. Just look at the picture below. See? I told you so! :-)

I appreciate that she did this tutorial immediately after I asked her if I could feature her on my blog. She's so kind to say yes to my favor in spite of her very hectic schedule.

Without more further ado, here is Khaye Garcia's Gaikokujin Gyaru Make Up Tutorial.

She just woke up when we were talking about this tutorial. Look how pretty she is even without make up.

Before staring the tutorial, she exfoliated her skin first and applied a primer.

She had to pluck her eyebrows first and then she traced it nicely with an eyebrow pencil. She said that eyebrows are not the main focus for gyaru.

She applied a shimmering white eye shadow all over to her lids up to the brow bone.

It should look something like this..

Next, she applied a light brown eye to her lid.

As you can see, her lids are colored with a light brown eyeshadow.

She then applied a darker brown eyeshadow on her crease.

...and it'll kinda look something like this.

On her inner tear duct to her upper lash line, she applied a silver eyeshadow

It's getting prettier..

She applied a white eye liner to her water line. This will make her eyes appear bigger.
Khaye applied a black eyeliner to her lower lashline towards the outer V.

Using a liquid eye liner, Khaye drew a line on to her upper lashline towards the outer V, connecting the line she made to her lower lashline.

Time to put some falsies!


Tanned Pink for blush on!

Hmmmm... Which shade is better for lipstick?
Hot Pink?
.....or a Lighter Pink? Gosh. 

Hot Pink looks better on her. 

Yipee! Now it's done! Are you excited for the finished look?

Soooooooo GORGEOUS!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial as much as I do.

Please follow her blog.


  1. i love yah sistah!!!! thanks for giving me the privilege to be featured and be a part of your precious blog ^^, i may say thousands of words about this but id rather make it short and direct... im so flattered and really thankful for this... im really really soOo happy!! cheers for your success and OUR friendship!!! never forget that, I am always and will be a friend to you ;) mmuuaahh!! thanks!

  2. hahahaaha thanks din sistah! sa uulitin ha?