Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Yakuza やくざ Nail Art

This nail art was supposed to be my entry for the Nail that Art Toe Nail Art Contest.
I thought of a design that has never been on the youtube or other blogs.. I went to the Deviant Art to look for a design and then I saw this picture..

I'm in love with this drawing. I would love this design for me to have on my skin. If only I could get a tattoo.


I applied Cutex Indie glow to all my toes. I love this shade it has a sort of a holo effect. I really love it.

I used a Nail Star black nail art pen to draw the details of the dragon's face.

As you can see, i already painted the whole face of the dragon. Its fangs.. Hehe!

I painted the dragon's body on the rest of my nails.. So this is how it basically looked like after I finished it.

On my left foot, I painted a Japanese coi. I painted the coi's face on my left foot's hallux. The coi's face was perfectly painted but the body was an epic fail!

I wasn't able to finish it...BUT, I'll do this again next time. I won't give up.



  1. awww well done!


  2. I love it!! You're suuuuper good at drwaing!! I like how you drew the rest of the body, very creative!

  3. wahehehee

    @ lucyclark,D - hahahaha thanks! i already followed you before hehehe.

    @ Kirshten - thanks! btw, i only used regular polish for this nail art.. I don't have acrylic paint for nails yet. hahaha!

  4. @pamgotcrazy Really?!? To me nail polish is really hard to use in drawing detailed pictures because nail polish dries suuuuuper fast and it gets all dried up so I have to keep adding more and more nail polish to my palette, its so frustrating.. lol :P

  5. @ Kirshten - yeah.. no kidding. i really thought I that it will be easy but I was wrong.. regular polish is also sticky when i dries. the tendency is that they chipped and the drawing is ruined. it sucks.

  6. @pamgotcrazy I hate when the polish gets sticky, it drags lines everywhere on my nail art! But oh well I still use polish anyway, I dont have acrylic paints.. lol

  7. omg this is too awesome. Wish i had enough patience to do this :))

  8. parang painting! soooo creative sis!! love it! =)

  9. hi babe, I think you did a great job! Love the colors :)
    Followed yoou.

    with love,

  10. @ Maria - thanks for following me. I'll surely follow you back.. :)

  11. OMG, that's awesome! So detailed and intricate, great job!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog also, going to follow you too, can't wait to see more designs from you! :)

  12. @ ~*~Amber~*~ - Thanks Amber for appreciating my nail art hehehe. Mwah!