Saturday, 24 September 2011

Tiara Inspired Toe Nail Art

held a contest this month and I decided to join it. I never had any experience regarding nail art contest.
This was actually my very first time to join. 

I promised my friend Bianca that I'll join the contest. I really had a very busy schedule. I almost gave up joining the contest because I don't have that much time for myself. I was really stressed. I thought I won't be able to join. The design that I first chose was really complicated and was hard to do..

I slept late because of that design. The next morning Bianca announced that the submission of entries will be extended for 3 days. I was really happy to learn that but just like what I've said I was busy. The design that i first did wore off already.

That's why I ended up doing this..

This design was inspired by Ms Universe Beauty Pageant. I made a design that looks like a crown. 
I used gold micro beads for this design.

Yesterday I found out that they already chose the winners. 

Too bad for me because I lost.

I felt really bad about it but at least I tried my best. I really want to win but i guess it's not my time yet. I'm happy for the winners though.

I'm sad because I lost but I'm happy because I tried my best and I didn't gave up when I was about to.


  1. like it sis!! it looks like a miss universe crown ^^ sooo pretty ^^

  2. wow! amazing! but how would you wear shoes over them? ; D

  3. dude! you are like lol.. im too lazy to do my toenails, even with plain colours.. and youre doing these crazy ass things!

  4. hehehehehe... wow! thanks goddesses fir the appreciation. hahahaha! i thought I did blah.

  5. hey pam:) wow thanks so much for saying such ncie things about my blog! i am LOVING yours. your the most talented nail artist/blogger ive ever followed! cant wait to see more

  6. @ Em - lolz girl.. you're making me blush!!! ;-p

  7. cool, design... love the color. thanks so much for stopping by my blog! now following.


  8. That's the cutest design! I wish I had enough patience to do my nails like that <3 They're just darling.

    xo, Samantha

  9. @ Samantha - thanks for appreciating. I just wish that you follow my blog.. :-)

  10. This is just gorgeous !!! I want to do something like it for belly dancing :)