Sunday, 11 September 2011

Porcelain Doll: Gianna

Hey goddesses! I just wanna show you the doll that my partner bought me. He he he. For those of you who still don't know, I'm a 24 years old woman that fancies dolls. Yup! I love dolls.. Especially the creepy ones. The reason why I like dolls, maybe because they remind me of my childhood.

 My mom bought me expensive Barbie Dolls. I really admire her for making me a happy kid. We're lucky to have such a great mom. Our father died when I was 3, my brother was just a baby then. Life was hard since it was just my mom who was taking care of all our needs. We never received any help from my grandparents. My mom was in dire straits but my brother and I were never deprived. 

Right now it is my beloved partner who's taking care of me. Just like my mom, he's making me happy too. He's giving me anything I want and need. 

Anyway, enough of the drama anthology..
Here's Gianna

Gianna is wearing a white wedding gown and a lace veil. She's also wearing a white bloomer, white socks and a white shoes. Gianna's holding a bouquet of flowers on her right hand.

The Details

Shoes - it's a white synthetic leather and has a rubber sole. I kinda like the way they made the shoes but the strings are too long.

Bouquet - I'm not really sure about the kind of flowers she's holding. It looks like a pink tulip and the little purple flowers look like a baby's breath.

Dress - I'm not a fan of her dress. I think it was poorly designed. The only thing I like about her dress are the flowers and pearls on each sides.

Veil - She can wear her veil in 2 different ways. I also love the design on top of the veil. So cute!

Head - The face looks real.. She has a glass eyes and her locks is made out of goats hair.. She has real eyelashes too.. I love the way her lips are painted.. Her cheeks are sooo rosy too.

Limbs - Her Limbs are porcelain too. I'm sorry I wasn't able to get some pictures. She also wears a bloomer.