Thursday, 1 September 2011

Pirates Nail Art

Hi godesess! I just want to share this little story. I was posting on a group page on facebook a day ago and I found out that one of the member is a guy. He's from Romania. He was asking for an idea on what to do for his next nail art. So, I told him to do a pirate nail art. Anyway, since my nails are shorter than before, I'm gonna show you a nail art that I did. I was inspired by the pirates which I told the Romanian guy to do on his nails.

BTW, the black nail polish that I used as a background was a third day nail polish.

I'm going to show you the what I did to the thumb (only). The design on my thumb is more complicated than the rest. So, here it is..

I combined a regular white nail polish and a brown nail polish. I used the combined color for this oblong shape.

I drew 2 circles. One should be bigger than the other. A triangle at the middle of the two circles. or the mouth part, I drew a horizontal line followed by 4 short vertical lines. As you can see, it's not oblong anymore, it's because i shaped the design using a nail art pen.

We shouldn't forget the red bandana! :-)

this is the reason why the other circle is bigger than the other one. We have to make an eyepatch to make the design more pirate looking..

The thumb is done!
The following are the designs for the rest of the figernails.

For the index finger, I used a brown nail polish to draw a chest. I also used a black nail art pen to highlight  it. For the gold inside the chest, I used a gold polish and a dotting tool to create dots on top of the chest. To make it more realistic, I added a gold micro beads.

For the middle fingernail, I used a silver polish and a dotting tool to create a necklace design. I also used a red rhinestone as a pendant.

For the ring finger, I thought it would be better if the design is an engagement ring. This design was inspired by J. Lo's engagement ring from Ben Affleck. Oh, that was a long time ago. Anyway, I used a gold nail polish and painted a small circle on top of the nail. I also used a pink rhinestone, it will serve as the "pink diamond" just like J. Lo's..

Last but not the least, the pinky. I used a sapphire blue and an emerald green for this. I used dotting tool to create a small gems using those nail polishes that I mentioned.


Now it's done!

I hope you'll love it..

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