Sunday, 18 September 2011

Bad Experience


Our client had a hearing on Pasay City last Friday. I asked my partner if we could go to Market Market after the hearing since it's in the route that we're taking. He said yes. 

I was really excited because I was looking forward to buy plates. I was going to my friend's nail art store but I couldn't find it. To my depression, I went to look around and I found another store that sells nail art supplies.

I was surprised to see this store. I saw this particular store before.
There are no varieties of whatsoever.. :( No wonder why their branch in Araneta Center Cubao and Robinson's Metro East closed. They don't have nice plates. Actually, they only have one plate. 

These ladies ignored me at first. I was standing there for like 100 years before they accommodate me. They were busy with the other customer who was holding a 1000 peso bill. They were going crazy over her. Hehe but it really sucked for them because the lady ended up buying only one polish that worth 80 pesos.

It doesn't need to take the both of them to accommodate one customer. Right?

My turn..

As I was saying awhile ago, they don't have much. Most of their products are overpriced second rate polishes. Who would buy that? Stupid people like me! GRRRRRR! The sales ladies doesn't know much about sales talk. They just stood there and forced me to buy their one and only effin plate. I'm sorry but was so pissed.

The pic above are the products I bought from them. I'm not happy because these are not the products that I expected myself to buy. I bought them so that the time and the effort that I exerted just to go there won't be wasted.

I decided to buy some stuff and I never thought that this store will burn my money. I spent Php 440.00 for four second rate items. GRRRRR!

I'm not a cheapskate. I just hate spending on stuff that are overpriced or NOT WORTH IT!

I bought this stupid swatch board for 80 pesos which I found out that it should only costs 25 pesos.

These are fimo slices. I payed 200 pesos for this. Each containers has ten fimo slices. Do you think I payed much for this? What do you think? I have no idea. All I know is that, it's a little pricey. 

These polishes are for designing. I bought them because I thought they have thin brushes. I was so angry to find out that the other one has regular brush on it. Tsssss! Those sales ladies told me that both polishes have thin brushes. I should've opened it in front of them!


As I was ranting my experience on Nail that Art, some girls told me that these items are really expensive. I was really mad thinking about the way those ladies treated me and the overpriced items that I bought. Bianca calmed me down. She explained to me the seller's side. She told me that the seller has to pay for the rent, the employees and the tax. Well, I think she's right  but as a consumer I exerted effort too. 

I think I wasted my precious time going to that flop store. My gasoline was wasted. My effort was wasted.
I'm not happy.

1. Don't buy nail stuff at some unrecognized store because they don't have customers. They're like hungry vultures and you are the prey. Once they get you, they'll finish you up in an instant.

2. Just order online. Products are the same but the prices are cheaper. You can order as much as you want. Shipping fees are so cheap anyways. No sweat! If you go to a store, you have to spend money for your car's gasoline, you have to look all over the mall just to find the damn store you're looking for and because you got tired, you have to eat at a restaurant or a fast food chain.. 

3. Accredited online sellers are polite. They will entertain you and never will they force you to buy things from their online shops. Some sales ladies doesn't have good morals and right conduct. Just like what I experienced...

 I asked one of them if they have any plates. She ignored me. I asked the other sales lady. She ignored me too. I asked them for several times. My hubby was not there at that time because he went to get a soda. I stood there for like 15 minutes. As I waited patiently, I observed that the other customer was choosing ten polishes. The customer told them, "Etong isa kukunin ko. (I'll get this one.)", LMFAO! The sales ladies may have thought that the customer will buy ten polishes that she chose to look at. It really sucked big time for them haha. They ignored me for a customer who bought a polish worth 80 pesos! They turned to me and suddenly became nice. Earlier, those sales ladies were frowning at me. Maybe they thought that I don't have any money because I'm young and I wore a ragged outfit. When my hubby suddenly came in, the sales ladies were like worshiping me! My hubby was wearing a coat and tie because we just came from a court hearing of his client. Maybe, it came to their senses that I have a rich husband and that I can afford to buy their product. Tsssss... Those ladies are bigots. They shouldn't profile or judge a customer based on what they wear or  how they look like. Also, those sales ladies were forcing me to buy their ugly plate too. Man! They were so desperate. 

4. I will never come back to that store ever again!


  1. you would've called the owner and tell them that they're paying an idiot sales lady hays

  2. Aww.. I feel so bad for you. I've never been in a store like that before!! And thats so mean that they judged you because of your clothing. If they forced me to buy their stuff I would have had a little "talk" with them. lol

  3. Thanks.. I really felt bad and angry that day.

  4. Ohh my I feel your pain. I've experienced the 'sales lady ignoring' thing few times and it really sucks to feel being ignored. Yes, some of them are praising rich customers. I pity them for having shallow minds. :|

  5. haha i knew that place at market market, i always stop by but didn't bought any of their products,hehe!

  6. @ ♥neelai♥ - I actually went there to look for Kai Ryu but I couldn't find it that's why I ended up to that store.