Sunday, 25 September 2011


Hi goddesses!
Last Sunday I went to a book fair at SMX with Victor. When we were about to go home, we found out that there's a CosPlay going on at the upper floor of SMX. We decided to go there and check it out.

The cosplay was great because there are lots of otakus participated the said fair. I spent my time roaming around and taking pics of them while Victor decided to buy a ticket for the entrance.

Actually, I really don't want to watch it because I already attended this kind of stuff but Victor hasn't. So we went in. There's nothing really special about it. I really think that those kids have a colonial mentality.
Anyway, as I've walked around the hall, I noticed this small booth and they were selling nail art stuff.

Sorry for the pictue..
This woman was the sales lady at that was looking after one of the  booths there. 

This is the nail stuff I bought from that woman. It's a nail art supplies complete with fake nails, rhinestones and nail glue. The packaging is really cute. :)

Let's see what's inside...

Music inspired fake nails
This is kinda freaky.. It has 6 pairs of nails. Hehe, as if I have 12 fingers with 12 nails hahaha! The design is cute. I think I'm going to copy that design.

Cute little nail pick
I adore this little thingy. It's soo cute. I love the color and it's unique. 

Funky nail glue
I haven't tried this yet but I think the glue is a little watery. It should me thick and sticky. Otherwise, it won't be usable. The container is a glass btw and has a small brush on the inside..

The wheel
 I like this wheel a little because it has flat designs. It is mixed with other nail art designs.


Wanna see how the fake nails looks like after I put it on?

I hope you like it guys!

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  1. All the costumes are so awesome! Your nails look adorable.

  2. Rosamond Kim- hehe thanks gorgeous!

  3. I likee the false nails! (^__^)
    Finally got to comment on your post! ♥

  4. cute nails!

  5. Wow! I love the costumes at the end!! And those fake nails are gorgoues!

  6. @Zarina - hehehe sa wakas!

    @Laura - thanks.. but please don't spam my blog with your link. if you want me to follow you, you shoyld've followed me first because I always follow back.

    @Kirshten - hehehe me too@ I love that costume!

  7. They have awesome costumes but some just failed to wear the right make-up :(

    i want your nails sis! so cute :)

  8. WOW You have such an amazing blog !! ♥

    Follow mine plz !

  9. I followed you back :)

  10. @ S O C E L - they just focused on their costumes..

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    @ Laura - thanks again!

  11. Love the nails ...LOVE the blog...