Saturday, 17 September 2011

Water Marble Fever

I wish my water marble is as pretty as this pic that I took online..
I have no idea who started the water marbling. She must be so patient! Doing a water marble is so complicated. The very first time I tried, it was a failure. 

This picture was my first attempt. I already had a sea green nail polish. It has been my manicure for 4 days so I decided to jazz it up by doing a water marble. I thought it was easy...... I was wrong. I put all my effort just to get a perfect water marble but I still failed. I'm really at my wits end. :-(

Yesterday, I tried to do the water marble again. I was hoping that it will turn out good because I'll be using fake nails. The pictures below are the outcome..


As you noticed, there are only four nails in the picture. These are the index, middle, ring and pinky. I don't like  the thumb nail's marble that's why I threw it. So mad..

The Right

What's missing?

Okay.. I'm going to make another water marble to completes the fingernails..

I applied a basecoat for the left hand's thumbnail and for the right hand's index and middle finger.

I dropped the polish carefully and  tapped the cup so that the polish will spread.

I quickly dragged the polish using a toothpick to create a design.

This is how they look like. I love the design I made. :-) I'm really happy.

This is the product I used for this water marble mail art.
San San Warm Blue
San San Violet Glam


  1. I still haven't tried water marbling. This looks cool. :)

  2. It is trial and error hehe^^ but I got you a link where I've learned a lot about water marbling

    Don't give up!^^

  3. i love the combination. it looks perfect sis! ;)

  4. @rins - i know you can do it bedause you're a PRO.. It will be easy for you. Hehehe

    @liiyueh - thanks sis.. hehehe tama trial and error talaga.

    @S O C E L - hahahaha salamat, salamat!

  5. I think they turned out great. I can't wait to try this out for myself.