Monday, 29 August 2011

Michael Jackson Nail Art

Happy Birthday MJ!
This nail art is dedicated to my idol.

On my previous blog about my new haircut, you saw Glecy again for the second time.. Hehe, I hope she'll be a regular guest here on my blog. Anyway, she's a Michael Jackson fan too. I'm sure she's on her way to MJ's Birthday celebration right about now (there are lots of MJ fans here in the Philippines). He died but his fame and memories still lives. 

There's an event today for MJ and I designed a Michael Jackson Nail Art for Glecy. She said that other MJ fans will be jealous of her, hahaha!

Michael Jackson Nail Art

The picture above is the design I came up with. 

At home...

Glecy had a hard time removing the nail polish that I used (last week) for her nail art. Hehe. 

She did the cleaning.  

I painted her nails alternately..

Thumb: Gold BG, "This is it", blue rhinestones at the tip.
Index: Black BG, "Bad" in red underlined lettering.
Middle: White BG, MJ's silhouette.
 Ring: Silver BG, black MJ leterring, silver glitters.
Pinky: Red BG, Jacko's jacket design on "Thriller".

That's it! 

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