Sunday, 28 August 2011

My New Look or should I say...My signature look?

I really wanted to cut my hair. It was very long but dry and frizzy. Sometimes, I think that I look like a ghost. I told my guy that I'll cut my hair but he stopped me. He said that not all girls have a long hair. I told him that it's long but it's ugly. He said that he'll give me money to do something about my hair except for cutting it short. 

I've been dying to cut my hair just like Dorothy Joy's. She's my friend. She had a long hair too just like mine but she had it cut up to her nape. I want that. 

Look how pretty she is..

Victor doesn't like to cut his hair. He looks like a mad scientist most of the time. I hate it when he doesn't cut his hair. So I told him that if he doesn't cut his hair...........I'm going to cut mine! Hahahaha! We have a deal now. I'm going to sacrifice my vanity for him.

He went to the GQ Barber Salon to have his hair cut. We were so busy that day and it was really tiring. He decided to get a hair spa and a massage. I'm really happy that he did this.


Now it's my turn to shine..
After his pampering, we went to Ricky Reyes salon to inquire about the milk rebonding. We were surprised to learn that it costs Php 5,000.00 haha! No way! So I decided to have my hair colored and styled. It only costs Php 2,200.00 hehe.

Ate Glecy was there too (for moral support). Haha! 

Our NEW Look..


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