Wednesday, 3 August 2011

First Time!

Oh my gosh! I bought this fake nails and I haven't tried using it before. As I've told you on my past blog, I had a Chronic Onychophagia. It means, I bit my nails until it bleeds. 

Anyway, if I only knew about this fake nails before... i could have used it instead of going o the nail salon for acrylic nails that are so pricey. 

This is going to be my very first try on using fake nails. 


It took me the whole day of filing these just to fit my nails. It's really hard because most of them are bigger than my actual nails.  The only perfect size they have are the thumb nails. I don't have to file them anymore because it fits.

I used Violet Glam by San San. i encourage my countrymen to use our own product rather than using imported and pricey brand. Let's help our economy.

Ironically this is the nth time I tried using Konad. I've bee practicing because it's really hard for me to create designs using plates and stamp. 


I love how it turned out. :)


I hope you enjoyed it.

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