Saturday, 11 June 2011

Maybe I'm born with it.. Maybe it's Maybelline!

My skin produces sebum excessively and that makes my skin breakout. It's my never ending problem and it came to a point that I started accepting it. I stopped using facial wash, creams and cosmetics. I'd lost my appetite of making myself beautiful. I went out without any make up on. I don't have a clear skin so I have to use make up to conceal the imperfections of my skin. The problem is that the more I tried to do something about it, the more my skin became nasty! I always wash my face, exfoliate and moisturize but I still have breakouts. I think it was because of my wrong selection of cosmetics.

Last month, I saw a commercial regarding a foundation that absorbs oil. You'll stay shine-free all day! The commercial was from Maybelline New York. I got excited about the product and couldn't wait to get it. So I went to the mall and found it at Watson's in Marquinton. I was so happy that I found what I've been looking for! Alas! I'll be pretty again!

                                       Maybelline's Clear Smooth Extra Shine Free Powder Foundation
                                                      Long Lasting Oil Control, Full Coverage, No Pore Clogging

I had it for only Php 230.00 because it has Php20.00 off. I was really happy about finding this product because of it's promise.

                                                      The full coverage is in blue compact.

I'm so much in love with this product. It makes me look fresh all-day. I don't have to look like a frying pan anymore! It helps to control the production of my sebum because of its absorption. I can't believe that this product works! Please pinch me! It can last up to 8 hours. Whether you're in school or at work, this product will make you stay fresh all day. Thanks Maybelline for formulating this product. 

Let's now talk about Maybelline's Clear Smooth 8-in-1 Skin Transformer BB Cream. I know that most of you are familiar with BB Cream because it's a craze.. I learned about this product last month, same as the foundation above. I was surfing on the internet about skin care products and cosmetics. Then I saw this on a site and read about what BB Cream is and where did it came from etc. I looked for cosmetic lines that has BB Creams and read about their reviews. I decided to go for Maybelline's since their foundation works for my skin.

                                               Maybelline's Clear Smooth 8-in-1 Skin Transformer
                                                    BB Cream 02 Natural ( Sorry for the photo)

This is my first time to use BB Cream but I fell in love with it the first time I used it! Some blogs and videos are complaining about the size of this BB Cream. It is kinda small but there's nothing to complain about! Maybelline's BB Cream has watery texture but it's really thick when you apply it. You don't need to use a lot because a small amount will do. It's awesome! I got flabbergasted because it actually covered my pimple scars.  I look flawless instantly! I can't get enough of this product! I love it! Big things comes from small packages!

                                                                    My Maybelline Ad
                                                                       Please click the link to watch my commercial:

Every girl who participated went gaga over this commercial. Being a model is every girl's dream. I immediately went for it when I found out about this campaign. I thought I was just making my personal ad campaign for Maybelline. My world stopped when the video played. I was so shocked. I was frozen while watching myself in a commercial with Gerald Anderson. I'm not his fan but I totally had a crush on him after I watched my commercial over and over again. I laughed like crazy because I was so happy about this commercial.  I shared this video to my friends so they can participate too.

                                                    BB Cream Samples in 01 Fresh (1 ml each)                                                
You get to have samples after you participated in the Ad Campaign. It's not much but the joy I had from my commercial was priceless. Anyway, this sachet will prove you that you only need small amount. To my experience, I used 1 sachet for 2 doses. The beauty advisor of Maybelline gave me a wrong shade. Too bad because they only have 01 Fresh for samples and that sucks.

                                                                 Maybelline's BB Cream Samples in 01 Fresh

I'll definitely buy more Maybelline New York products. I'm in love with Maybelline! It's very affordable and satisfaction guaranteed! My mom definitely like this product too. I told my friends about Maybelline and i'm sure they'll use it too because they can see the improvement of my skin. All girls are looking for a non-pore clogging product. Y'all don't need to worry because Maybelline got you covered!

                                                  Maybe I'm born wit it.. Maybe it Maybelline!

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