Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Pimple History

I had a very beautiful skin growing up. Skin breakouts never became my problem in high school. My classmates were worried about their faces because pimples started to appear on their faces. I saw people having severe cases of acne like my uncle. His face was covered with breakouts and that left deep scars all over his face. My mom told me that I should take care of my skin because my father’s bloodline is prone to acne. She introduced me of using Hydroquinone Tretinoin so that it will prevent my skin from breakouts. I was so afraid to have pimples so I followed my mom's advice.

                                          This was the one I used to prevent skin breakouts

Maxi-Peel was the first product I ever used for my face. It was kind of confusing because it has numbers from 1 to 3 and I don't even know what number should I be use. My mom doesn’t know either even if up to now that she's still using it. It has a very strong smell and it reminded me of Beta dine solutions because of its color. It was just like any other facial cleanser when I first used it. Several days later it started to feel burning whenever I rub it on my cheeks. It felt like I was spilling an acid on my face. It turned my face red and made me look darker even more. I had to use sun blocks or I had to avoid sun rays so that it won’t give my skin pigmentation. Using that product is such a pain in the butt. 

                                                      My face looked like this before.

My face was red as tomatoes and my skin was peeling like crazy. My classmates thought it was weird. I wanted to quit using that product but my mom told me that if I stop, I’ll have a skin breakouts. I don’t want that to happen. So I sucked all the pain in and continued using it until it was ok to stop.  When I finished the Maxi-peel treatment, my skin was glowing. It was really pretty. I had rosy cheeks and baby smooth face. The problem was that my face and neck skin tones were different.  My face was 3 times lighter than my neck. I’m tan naturally. So when I use products like that, it’s obvious.  Using that product was really not a good idea. I was so stupid and used it again for several times.

The problem with this product is that even if I applied it evenly, it made my skin patchy. I had white patches all over my face that looked like the seven continents. I was a human globe! All of that was at the back of my mind. I had this fear of being ugly just like what my mom said. She has this very beautiful skin. Even if she is 51, she doesn’t look her age. She has a youthful glow. I want that. I looked up to my mom’s beauty. All of her friends aged but my mom stayed the way she looked when I was little. There are times that I saw people who are younger than my mom but look older than her.  She’s so lucky and I envy her.

I refrained from using the product when I went in to college. My schedules were hectic and pampering me was at the bottom of my priorities.  I was a commoner in high school and I became a celebrity in college. I was active at organizations and events in our school.  I dealt with so much pressure in college and that started my skin secretes excessive oil.  I was seventeen when pimples started to come out and tell me that they do exist! I was so problematic and started to lose my confidence. That really sucks big time.  I tried to use maxi-peel again for the last time but it didn’t work out the way I expected it to be just like before. I was doomed.  My mom told me to use pearl creams but it made my skin broke out even more.  My skin was severely damaged by pimples and my life changed after that. 

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