Thursday, 16 June 2011

Dramatic Blue Eye Make Up

I really love blue! My mom use to put this on her eyes and I told her how pretty she was with blue eye shadow. I really like her look 'coz it's really good for parties or night outs. I'm going to make my own version of that look inspired by my mom with a twist of "ulzzang".

All you need are the following:

Brown eye brow pencil, black pencil and liquid eye liner, glittery eye shadow (white, black & blue), false lashes w/ glue, eye lash curler and mascara.

Let's start.

Always start with a clean face. Be sure that you exfoliate and moisturize first. Let your skin absorb the products before you start your make up. Don't forget to use eye primer too.

Raise your eyebrow. Using the brown pencil, trace your eyebrow to achieve its natural shape. Don't over do it.

Start lining your lid from the middle to the outer edge, then from the inner edge connecting to the middle. You may want to draw a wing to create a cat eye for ulzzang look.

Apply the glittery white eye shadow thoughtfully to your lids and crease.

Using your glittery black eye shadow, apply it on the outer edge of the crease towards the inner edge. This effect will give more depth to your eyes.

This is how it's going to look like.

Retouch the line that you made on your lid and apply eyeliner to the lower part of your eye. It's up to you if you want a half line or you want to draw all the way from your tear duct. I recommend using pencil at this part because liquid eye liner might irritate your eye balls.

Use liquid eye liner to trace the line that you made. Liquid liner has longevity unlike the pencil. We only used pencil so that it will be easier to apply liquid liner. I really love using liquid liner because of its effect. It's good for "ulzzang" look.

Apply the false lash glue evenly. Don't put too much because it will be harder for you to attach the lashes on your lids.

Remember, the closer it is to your lashes, the more it will look natural. Curl your lashes and then apply mascara so that your natural lashes and the fake ones will go together.

Using your angled brush, apply the glittery blue eye shadow thickly under your eyes. This will make you look more glamorous.

Now it's finish. You can now enjoy your Dramatic Blue Eye Make Up with a twist of Ulzzang.

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