Saturday, 4 June 2011

Dulcinea's Paella Valenciana


It was late afternoon and we just got out from the Justice Hall. We missed lunch like what we always do. My boss and I decided to look for a restaurant to have our lunch. I suggested to eat at a fast food chain but he said that it's not healthy to eat there. Besides, the fast food chains don't offer a lot of choices. They only serve "junk food".

So we roamed around the mall to look for a restaurant and decided to have our lunch at Dulcinea. The place was not that good since it is located at the center of the mall. What happens is that there are people passing by while we're eating which is kinda annoying for me. The menu has a lot to choose from and it's pricey. But of course, like any other restaurants they also offer budget meals.

My boss ordered Paella Valenciana. This Spanish dish was unfamiliar to me, though it reminded me of Chinese Rice Bowls because both dishes are served together with the rice. However, Paella Valenciana is much more elegantly garnished. They served it in a big black ceramic plate. It has boiled eggs, shrimps, garbanzos, sea shells, oysters, chorizos, red bell pepper, lime, celery and string beans.

The toppings compliment each others flavor and the rice can be eaten by itself. It was palatable! The rice was well-cooked. The texture was soft and while your chewing, you can taste the flavorings and the spices. It was the best rice I've ever tasted in my life! The seafood was fresh. You can easily tell by the way it smells and tastes. It won't leave an odor on your mouth after you ate. The lime lessen the odor of the seafood. The vegetables are steamed. Just like the other toppings, it was cooked seperately that's why the texture was crunchy.

As  I have said, the food was a little pricey but it's worth it! Paella Valenciana is good for two. Perfect for dates or if you're just hanging out with your bff!

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