Tuesday, 14 June 2011

My Skin Problem

I don’t like it when people look at my scars and ask me about it. I find it very offensive.  I get irritated with gestures too. Like for example, I was talking to our guidance councilor in college and while I was talking to her she was looking at my pimples on my cheek and she was scratching her cheek at the portion where my pimples were located. Damn. I could tell that she was not even paying attention to what I was saying. That guidance councilor is but ugly but she doesn’t have any zit at all, just an ugly face.

I tried everything that I saw on the commercials and on line. Those products were not helping me at all. I also use Pond’s but it broke me out too. I don’t know what else to use. Then a high school friend of mine told me about her sister’s skin regimen. I used those. Then I stopped. Last year I consulted a dermatologist for the very first time. I had a session of Diamond Peel and used their formulation for my beauty regimen. My skin improved. I had my zit injected whenever they appear on my face. It hurts a lot but I got used to it. Something came up last year and that caused me to stop the treatment with my dermatologist.  I failed to visit my dermatologist for 2 months then I started breaking out again. It was October. Still, I did not come to see her.

 Example of Diamod Peel (Source: http://www.rocksdaily.com/2010/05/diamond-peel.html)

On December last year I had an acne attack. My face was swollen because of acne. The only portion on my face that doesn’t have acne was my eyes. I swear I’m not kidding. I was crying to my guy and I told him that I’m so ugly and he might look for someone else because nobody wants to be with a pimple head.  I felt awful. I was so stressed out with the way I looked. As I’ve told you on my previous blog, I grew tired of making myself pretty. I stopped using beauty products and even make up. I spent Christmas and New Year 2011 looking like crap. I always surf online looking for solutions to this problem of mine.

When it was ok for my situation to have a skin treatment, my guy brought me to Dermclinic in Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall. He had my face checked up by dermatologists there. They gave me 11 accutane injections. I remembered the nurse telling me how brave I was because I was watching myself in the mirror while the dermatologist was introducing accutane on my pimples.  I told her that I’m used to it. They also gave me topical antibiotics as a toner and a centella gel to prevent pimples to grow.  The accutane injection was not that good because the pimples did not dry immediately. It took 3 days for some to dry. I also heard that acutane is dangerous. It can cause nose bleeding, hair loss and severe headaches. I’m not satisfied with the procedure. The centella gel that I bought from them was effective. I’ll definitely buy centella gel again. It easy dries up pimple really fast than any other brands in the market. If I only knew that it is effective, I would just purchase centella gel and not undergo accutane treatment anymore. 

As of now, I’m still having breakouts but I’m trying not to get stressed out about it. I use some products to cleanse my face and moisturize. Even if I don’t have a clear skin, I would still stay hygienic.  


  1. I agree with everything! Having such skin problems was my dilemma last year but I've also found the best products for me. I actually found my a couple of internists to help me and I must be really, really thankful I found them. :)

    1. Oh, I think internists are the second option you can go to. When it comes to skin problems, it is best to ask the nearest dermatologist around.
      Marry Digg