Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Trying Out My Orange Crackle

Hello goddesses of beauty and fashion!
Remember my post about cheap crackle polish? I did a swatch on a nail wheel. 
But today I tried them on! Yay! :-)

I'm really excited to show you how they look on my nails. It says on the bottle that it's orange, but to my eyes it is pink. People tell me that it's orange too. I'm confused. What color do you think it is?


Without a top coat

With a top coat

As you can see it's smooth with top coat but the crack design is still there. BTW, sorry for the bad lighting of this pic. It was raining when I took this pic. :(


  1. its orange! hehe i have that polish too.. i thought i was color blind haha

  2. it is beautiful,it is a coral pink I guess..what ever it is,still beautiful

  3. SUUUUper Pretty! I've never seen orange crackle before!

  4. waaaaaaaaaaaah so it's orange? my brain says it's pink! :((