Monday, 7 November 2011

Bobbie: Holoprism Collection Swatches (Mojito)

Hello goddesses of beauty!
Today I'm gonna share with you a local product from the Philippines.

As you all know and I'm very sure that you'll agree with me that branded polishes are very pricey. One of my friend told me that people won't even know that the polish you're wearing is expensive or not. I was startled with what she said. She's very right. I like branded polish too but sometimes I feel guilty after buying them.

I really like this product because it's super cheap. It only cost Php 35.50 or  $ 0.83!
It's really nice because it has a soft holo effect in it.



Do  you like this color?

Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment...


  1. LIndo esmalte, aqui não temos nenhum parecido. xoxo

  2. wow, what a pretty color and a great price ;-)

  3. thanks girls.. yeah! very great price!!!

  4. This polish is so pretty! When I visit the Philippines again, I'm definitely getting this polish! :D

  5. these is my favorite from that collex :D

  6. @ Kirshten - there are so many colors from that collection too.

    @ neelai - i can't decide about what's my fave among them.