Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Simple Nail Art

What's up goddesses of beauty?!
I would like to share you my simple nail art for today. This nail art is perfect for those of you who
is always in a hurry. The nail polish that I'm wearing on this photo is my second day nail polish. I used to put clear top coat on my polish for the next day so it will look new, but this time I decided to stamp it!

I hope you like this too!

Please let me know what you think...
.....by leaving a comment.

Thank you!


  1. I ♥ this nail art! You're really great at stamping! :D

  2. @ Kirshten - if you only knew... Hahaha! I had a very hard time on stamping. i just practiced a lot!

  3. so cute and different ;-)

  4. I really love it!! I wish I knew how you did it :)


  5. love it.... have the time now to comment on your works hopefully i would also have the time to update my blog....

  6. @ myline cabitac - i hope you'll update your blog. coz I'll be having a contest soon.