Saturday, 5 November 2011

The Face Shop - BL607 Swatches

Hello! I just wanna share with you my very first nail polish from The Face Shop. I'm really excited to buy nail polish from them but I had to wait for a week. I found out that The Face Shop will be opening and so I waited patiently. 

When the store was finally opened, I went there immediately and bought one polish. Yup, just one. Some of my friends said that The Face Shop Polishes has a very foul smell. I don't like that but I really the colors. So I decided to buy one just to try if it's okay.

I spent 30 mins for picking this color.

I really like this color because it has red and purple glitters on it. It's not a plain navy blue color. It's so shimmery! Love, Love, Love!


Have you tried this product? 

Please let me know what you think about this nail color..

Please leave a comment. :)


  1. This polish is so Spaarkly.. ♥

  2. @ Kirshten - YES! I hope your blog will be fix soon. :(

  3. pretty dark blue shade ;-)

  4. This color is very gorgeous!

  5. I like it!! I've been wanting a navy nail color and this one is perfect!

  6. @ - thank you. i think it's gorgeous too.

    @ Eugenia - u should try it. I bought it from the face shop.

  7. this was my first TFS nailpolish as well amazing color! gonna go back for the purple one :>

  8. @ Addie - OH YEAH!!!! The purple one!!!