Wednesday, 4 January 2012

What I got last Christmas

Hello fellow bloggers!
Yes, this is a late post of what I got last Christmas. Anyway, I just wanna share it with you guys. These are small things but I really appreciate them. :D 

I'm looking forward to finish this book. This  book was very pricey, it cost Php 900.00 but we got it for Php 300.00 something. I'm looking forward to finish this book! I love reading!

We bought this nail polish at a regular prize. I love the rainbow effect of this flakies. I asked my hubby to buy this for e because flakies are so IN right now. I love it! I will swatch this and make a blog about it. :D

This is the other polish... Addition to my collection.. These nail polishes are the last polishes that I'm going to buy. I'll try not to buy anymore coz I have plenty already. :) I love this color. My mom likes it too.

Another addition to my Living Dead Dolls Collection. They are Goria and NoHell. I will also make a blog post for them.. Anyway, Goria is from the latest series which is Series 22. The dolls from that series are zombies... While NoHell is a limited edition doll for Christmas. :D

I hope you enjoy this post..

How about you? What did you get last Christmas? 

Please let me know by leaving a comment... 


  1. Love those dolls. I have never seen anything like them, but I love them!!!!!