Sunday, 22 January 2012

Landing on the 9th Place

Hello fellow bloggers!
I hope that you're all okay. :) I would like to share with you the prizes that I received from Fab Ur Nail Fantasy Contest. She had an anniversary contest last year which I joined. Yeah, I know this is a late post ha ha ha.

Mermaid's Lagoon Nail Art

I created this design at the last minute. I only used what i have for this design. I don't have acrylic paints for nails. That's why I was so happy when I learned that I landed a place on this contest.

I landed on the 9th Place
My hubby was teasing me. He said that I'm a loser because I'm in the 9th Place and that can't be considered as "winning". Haha! I told him that there were 20+ entries and I was lucky to be included at the top 10.

My prizes!!! :-)
I like the gold stamping polish.. It's really thick. I haven't tried the blue stamping polish yet. The stamping set are awesome too! I super love them!

BK Crackle Polish Set Swatches
I love this gold BK Nail Polish. It looks nice at it is. I mean, I don't need to put a design on it because it's pretty by itself.

BK Crackle Polish sucks. It's not pretty. I will throw it and keep the gold and clear BK Polish.
I hope you liked my today's post.

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The first 3 pictures came from Fab Ur Nails Blog


  1. wow! congratulation! awesome nail art design!


  2. wow!!! congratulations!!!

  3. congrats@!! love the gold polish

  4. congrats :-D
    don't listen to your hubby, i bet he can't draw like you ;-D