Friday, 6 January 2012

A Gift from Natalie Brooks

Hello goddesses!
I would like to share with you the gift I received from Natalie.
Our little group decided to have an exchange gift last Christmas. I wasn't expecting that the nail mail will arrive yesterday. Natalie informed me on facebook but I wasn't able to read it that's why I was surprise when it came.

I was watching TV when I heard the delivery guy calling from the outside. So I went out and checked on him. The delivery guy told me that he got lost. He informed me that there is a house with the same address with mine. I already know that but I didn't pay attention. I feel so stupid. There must be a mistake with the addresses. It's really weird. 

What bothers me is that the people from the "other address" was trying to get my package. The delivery guy went to the "other address" and looked for me. Of course, I will never be there coz I don't live there. BUT the woman from "that address" was very eager to get my package regardless if my NAME is on it. The woman told him to give her my package. I'm so proud of the delivery guy coz he asked for the ID to confirm if she was me.

The delivery guy went searching for the real address and luckily he found me. :-)
My husband and I always gets mails and packages. My husband's mails are important because he's a lawyer. I'm worried that some bad people might get it. Worst comes to worst, those people might do bad things (scams) using our names and infos. It sucks that there are lots of scammers and con-artists in my country. 

Enough of my problem.

The package is quite big. Just look at the box. No wonder why the woman was interested. Maybe she thought that there's a Golden Buddha inside haha!

These nail stuff only costs Php 200.00 or 4.53 USD... It doesn't worth much, but to a nail art enthusiast like me, these are considered as treasures. :-) I'm glad that Natalie's gift was safely delivered to me. Kudos JRS Express!

Have you experienced this kind of situation?

What will you do if you're in my situation?

Should I report them to the police to avoid future problems?



  1. Wow, lots of pretties! Good thing that delivery guy was smart about not giving it to the wrong peoples...Maybe you should check into the address situation...

  2. awesome gifts!


  3. Muito bom ganhar presentes, parabéns.

  4. cute present :)
    Love Lois xxx