Monday, 18 June 2012

What's Up Peeps???.

Long time no blogging guys. :(( I missed blogging so much. I thought my site was already taken out by Google because I couldn't open it. 


The Unexpected

We went to Subic last April to spend summer there. It wasn't what I expected though. Our plan were to go to Bicol Region but we weren't able to ride the train, plane nor the bus!!!!! My guy didn't booked for any. I hated him. We ended up taking a bus going to Subic instead. We fought and then reconcile.

We went to Zoobic Safari to experience the one on one interaction with wild animals!!!! We took so many pictures and I will post it soon. :)

Nate's Christening/Baptismal

From right to left: Glecy, me and Socel (the hot momma). Oh my.. I won't forget this day waaah. I was wearing a towering red pumps and I tripped on the pathway. It was really embarrassing. I acted like it was nothing because only Will, Jean, Victor and Glecy were there to witness that!!!!

Nate's Birthday Celebration

Me, Socel and Nate.... (with the baby-daddy's cameo on the background). Socel's five shades darker here and it was so sexy.. She just came back from Bora to explain the drastic change on her complexion. Nate's birthday was a blast. It was quick and most of the guests are adults (heaven). Yeah, it's kind of ironic 'coz it's a children's party but I soooooo love it. I'm actually thinking (right now) of throwing my upcoming bday bash at McDonald's. I love party hats.. Screw the mascots.

Eat, eat and eat... 

Nom nom nom.... No wonder why we're big. 

Araw ng mga Ina (Mother's Day)

My Mom went by to have a dinner date with us. We went out to celebrate "Mother's Day". I love you Mama! 

Pacquiao lost to Bradley

I'm scared of uploading this 'coz this might cause a stir. "I don't hate Bradley. Seriously."
I just couldn't believe that he won over Pacquiao. It really sucks coz he lost ( yeah I keep repeating it coz I can't get over it) and if I only knew he'd lost.. I would've place a bet on Bradley. 
I still love Pacquiao though... no matter what.

Here comes the TYPHOON !

We really need to get out of Marikina City as soon as possible! There's flood everywhere. I love Marikina but I don't want to experience an "Ondoy" encore. We are going back to Antipolo!

That's all for now.. 





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